The Joker - The Killing Joke (HD)
Rarity Base Stats Price Unlock
Gold 950/750 60 Alliance Credits Available from Store, Most Wanted Pack, Black Friday Pack 2, Black Friday Pack 3Eternal Enemies Batman v. Joker Pack, Halloween Pack
Passive Joke's On You!: If The Joker is KNOCKED-OUT, his teammates' POWER is charged to FULL.

Killing Joke Joker can be bought directly with alliance credits, or obtained randomly through the Most Wanted Pack and Eternal Enemies Batman v. Joker Pack.  If he is obtained from the said Packs and then sold, the sale gives 18 alliance credits back.


Basic Attacks

Basic combo Damage pattern (% of damage stat) Total (including Combo Ender)
Light (Combo Ender) 2% - 2% - 2% - (3%) 9%
Heavy 4% - 4% - 4% - 4% 16%

Killing Joke Joker has a "on knock-out" passive like The Joker/Prime and The Joker/Insurgency, but is widely considered more powerful for many reasons. At the beginning of the game, he may seem hard to get, but once obtained he is essential for clearing the earlier parts of Injustice Gods Among Us Mobile and the game generally.  While his health is extremely low, it is less of a concern as he gives his two teammates full power upon being knocked out.

IMG 1568-1-

When Killing Joke Joker is knocked out, his teammates will gain full power.

His decent damage is further empowered by Harley Quinn/Animated's doubled 40% damage and power generation boost for Joker characters, as well as the fact that his heavy basic attack combo does 4 hits (essentially increasing his base damage for basic attacks to 1266).

Killing Joke Joker is very often built as a support character (non-promoted along with 2 promoted teammates) - very possibly the most popular (by % of usage) than any other character, as he is very effective at low stats and takes an extremely long time to promote through daily bonuses (and alliance support cards are globally useful so they are bought often instead). He is similar to, but likely even more so than, Raven/Prime in this regard. However, prior to the release of The Joker/Arkham Origins, for a long time, Killing Joke Joker was the strongest Joker and was considered a worthy offensive fight as well.


Please note that battles are highly situational: this section only mentions cards that have mechanics that, for any reason, are particularly effective with/against, or particularly ineffective against The Joker. Having a card that "counters" The Joker does not mean it is always a good choice.

Good With

  • Shazam/Prime: He will be able to use his Supermove quicker upon Joker's death, and therefore activate his passive quicker.
  • Aquaman/Regime: Same as above.
  • Ares/Prime: Joker's passive allows for quicker activation of Ares' infamous God Smack.
  • Lord Joker/Batman Ninja: With the help of Lord Joker, Joker's Specials deal 20% Area-Effect Damage to the tagged out opponents. If Killing Joke Joker gets defeated, Lord Joker will also get full power, allowing him to wipe out the enemy with his specials.
  • Harley Quinn/Animated: As mentioned above in the "Strategy" section.

Good Against

  • Any character who can power drain.
  • Killer Frost/Prime: His passive is not affected by her power dampening.

Countered By


Here are Joker's abilities:

Ability Classification Description Usage
Bang! First Special The Joker uses a large gun to blow away his enemies. Target
Crowbar! Second Special They'll never see it coming. CHANCE TO STUN. Rapid Swipe, Quick tap
Let's Be Serious Super Move A madman and his toys will always win. The Joker's savage wit is made manifest. UNBLOCKABLE. Tap

Support Cards and Gear

Here are The Joker's support cards and gear.

Card Classification Description Cost
Joker's Gang Health 10% HEALTH BOOST. 3,000
Laughing Gas Damage 10% DAMAGE BOOST. 4,000
Arkham Asylum Energy 10% ENERGY REGENERATION. 5,000
Pistol (Comically Long Pistol) Gear

8% - 18% DAMAGE BOOST to Special 1

[The Joker] 15% - 25% POWERDRAIN chance on Special 2

[EVOLVED] DISABLE enemy Specials: 15% - 25% chance on Special 1

25,000 - 1,000,000 (upgrading)
Time Capsule (Quake Engine) Gear

20% - 40% chance to POWER STEAL 100% of a Special 2's cost

Specials and DOTs +25% - +50% DAMAGE against an enemy with less than 1 POWER bar

[The Joker] Increases enemy Tag cooldown by 3 - 8 seconds

[EVOLVED] After an applied DOT finishes, 50% - 100% chance to retrigger the DOT on active enemy

25,000 - 1,000,000 (upgrading)


These stats are the final damage and health levels at level 50, per Elite rank, with ALL support cards, and without any augmentations. With the 2.13 update, Elite 8, 9, and 10 have been added. The Elite 10 damage and health levels are for level 60 characters.

Tier Damage Health
Normal 8,075 10,935
Elite I 10,083 13,365
Elite II 13,444 17,820
Elite III 20,167 26,730
Elite IV 23,528 32,026
Elite V 29,754 43,740
Elite VI 33,473 49,207
Elite VII 37,192 54,625
Elite VIII 40,192 60,143
Elite IX 44,361 65,610
Elite X ? ?


  • The Joker/Suicide SquadThe Joker Unhinged/Suicide Squad and himself are the only Jokers to use a crowbar in their SP2s.
  • He is based off his appearance in The Killing Joke graphic novel and is also called Tourist Joker in the console version of Injustice.
  • He is the only Joker who cannot inflict poison.
  • Oddly enough, Boss Ares' Rage in Breakthrough Mode which causes an instant KO will not trigger his passive.