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Static is a heavy power user, with a more powerful version of Lobo/Prime's passive and beneficial stat grounds.


General Trivia[]

  • At release, it was possible to use his light basic combo then immediately use his special 1, which is unique that it stuns opponents who aren't blocking 100% of the time. With enough power generation, he could do this infinitely without any chance of retaliation until his opponent is knocked out. This was later changed and he can no longer activate his s1 after throwing his opponent back with his light combo.
    Static glitch.png
  • Static suffers from a visual glitch that may cause his heavy basic attack combos to explode in a mass of flickering boxes on some devices. This also affects Sinestro and Green Lantern.
  • Static's Disc was discovered in gear packs prior to his release.
  • The name of Static's super is a reference to his catchphrase as well as the title of the first episode of the Static Shock animated series. However, his appearance is based on his New 52 appearance, sans coat.
  • Static's Taser Trap does 7 hits, the most of any special 1, tied with Batman/Dawn of Justice and Batman/Arkham Knight's Explosive Batarang.
  • Both him and Wonder Woman/Dawn of Justice have very similar combo-enders; emits an array of lights at the opponent.

Included Cards[]