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SinestroIcon.png Sinestro is a character in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile. The arch-enemy of Green Lantern, he utilizes the yellow power ring of fear to stop his opponents.

For Sinestro's full console character biography, click here.


General Trivia

  • Despite Sinestro Green Lantern possessing the power of will, his passive relates to his hidden essence of Fear.
  • All of Sinestro's passives activate when his opponent tags out, with the exception of Sinestro/Antimatter, who forces his opponent to tag out instead.
  • All versions of Sinestro have the special 1, Death from Above, based on the console move "Impact Event".
  • All versions of Sinestro suffered from a visual glitch that may cause their heavy basic attack combos, Special Attacks and Super Moves to explode in a mass of flickering boxes on some devices. This also affected Green Lantern and Static.

Included Cards