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The Shazam Celebration Pack is a booster pack in the game introduced in the 3.2 update before the release of the Shazam film. This pack costs 300 Nth Metal.

Official description

Celebrate the Hero of Fawcett City with a higher appearance of METAL or GOLD Shazam, Black Adam, Superman or newer GOLD characters. Contains 1 Nth METAL or 1 GOLD character, Shazam's gear card, and 3 support or Upgrade cards.



Official Characters

NOTE: These are official percentages that have come directly from the pack's description in the store as of update 3.2.

Recorded Characters

NOTE: These characters are not stated in the pack's description, but they have been obtained by users who have opened the pack. This information has been tested and confirmed as of update 3.2.


Support and Upgrade Card Chance

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