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The "Red Son" characters are based off of their appearance in Mark Millar's influential comics series, Superman: Red Son. It may refer to one of the following:


  1. Batman/Red Son
  2. Deathstroke/Red Son
  3. Green Lantern/Red Son
  4. Solomon Grundy/Red Son
  5. Superman/Red Son
  6. Wonder Woman/Red Son


  1. Red Son Pack

It contains 3 random characters out of any of the 6. Wonder Woman, Superman and Solomon Grundy are also available in the Gold Booster Pack, but they are very rare drops. Batman, Deathstroke and Green Lantern are challenge characters, the latter can be obtain through the Nth Metal Pack, while the former two can be found in the Nth Metal Pro Pack. Red Son Batman can also be found as a possible drop from Phantom Zone.

Red Son pack.png

The Red Son characters are the first to be designed to work together as a team, followed by many groups including Blackest Night, Arkham, Flashpoint, and Earth 2. Each has a static passive that will always affect all Red Son team members: the passives of Red Son Batman and Green Lantern will only do so, granting a fixed benefit to any Red Son character on the team, while the passives of the other four characters grant a static buff to each team member that stacks for each Red Son character on the team. This forms the basis of the "Red Son team", a deliberate teaming of three Red Son characters to have a cheap and straightforward strong team.


  • In the world of Superman: Red Son, the Man of Steel is raised in Russia by the Joseph Stalin of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), instead of in Kansas by his traditional parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. Most of the other heroes that have a direct counterpart in this series also see their counterparts arise in a Soviet context, with backstories and costumes to match. These costumes include such attires as traditional ushankas or Soviet Russia's infamous hammer and sickle.
    • Green Lantern/Red Son depicts Hal Jordan, who is still an American in the series.
    • Both Deathstroke and Solomon Grundy are the only 2 to NOT appear in the actual Red Son comic themselves, though they are in Injustice.
  • Previously, the Red Son Pack used to guarantee Red Son Superman, Wonder Woman, and Solomon Grundy, prior to the arrival of the 3 challenge Red Son chararaters.