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Currently Active: Event will end in August 9, 2021 12:00:00.

Phantom Zone is the most recent game mode introduced in the 3.0 Update. It grants Nth Metal, which is a new currency used to purchase the Nth Metal Pack, Nth Metal Pro Pack, or Nth Metal Ultimate Pack; it is one of the ways to obtain Metal characters. Internet connection is required.

Complete trials to unlock a boss fight. Completing the boss fight powers Phantom Zone Projector Crystal(s) and rewards you with Nth Metal and Valorium Alloy, which is used to upgrade metal characters' specials and is exclusive to this mode. If you lose against the boss, you only need to beat it, the trials do not need to be completed again. Power-up all of the Phantom Zone Projector Crystals to open the Portal and receive a reward.

Phantom Zone stays for two weeks, then leaves for two weeks. Phantom Zone can be reset twice per event at the cost of 50 Nth Metal each.

Phantom Zone Objectives

Main article: Phantom Zone/Objectives

Objectives are missions somewhat similar to Bonus Missions in Online Battles, except that Phantom Zone Objectives take place in all other game modes.

See also: Phantom Zone/Strategy

Phantom Zone Projector Crystals

Completing objectives award Phantom Zone credits for the specific trial you're on, and once you have the required amount (500 for Trainee, 1000 for Veteran, 1500 for Elite), beat the boss to power up the crystal. Finishing that crystal will cause it to immediately refresh, allowing you to do it at the any difficulty level again but with different conditions and a different boss, as well as awarding you a booster pack that always includes Nth Metal, Valorium Alloy, and one other random drop (Support Cards, Augments, Gear, or even a Character card if you're lucky).

You must power up 5 crystals of any combination to open the portal for the ultimate reward. More difficult crystals give a better reward.

The Elite ultimate reward has a 5% chance for each of the six Metal cards. As you can replay Phantom Zone twice per event (3 in total), there is a 65.7% chance to obtain at least 1 Metal card from one event.


  • Prior to 3.1, each crystal requires a higher amount of Phantom Zone credits. Trainee requires 2500 credits, Veteran requires 4000 credits and Elite requires 5000 credits, reduced to 750 for Trainee, 1500 for Veteran, 2000 for Elite.
  • 3.2 further reduced them to current values.
  • There was a time that Phantom Zone was missing on Android for a few weeks while iOS players can still have access to this mode.
  • It is unknown how exactly how the chances of the ultimate reward are influenced by the crystals powered, given that each of the 5 crystals can be Trainee, Veteran, or Elite independently, giving 243 permutations, or less if the order is not relevant, but the ultimate reward only has 3 variations of probabilities shown (Trainee, Veteran, or Elite).
    • It is observed upon activation of the first crystal, the ultimate reward is labelled whatever tier that crystal is.
    • If the first crystal is not Trainee, but crystals 2-4 are Trainee, the ultimate reward turns Trainee upon the 4th activation.

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