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Nth Metal (or Metal for short) characters are the highest tier of characters released starting from October 2018. They cannot be unlocked and require progressively more copies to promote. Maxing them out would require a total of 25 copies. They are exclusive to the Phantom Zone game mode and they have access to the Dark Power mechanic. There are 6 Nth Metal characters.

  1. Black Adam/New 52
  2. Catwoman/Batman Ninja
  3. Nightwing/Batman Ninja
  4. Shazam/New 52
  5. The Batman Who Laughs/Metal
  6. The Merciless/Metal

They are all found in packs bought with Nth Metal or received as a rare reward for completing a Phantom Zone event. Upgrading their specials cost both Power Credits and Valorium Alloy and Upgrade Cards cannot be used.

All Nth Metal cards have a combined base stats of 5600 (except Shazam/New 52 at 5700), exactly the double of the maximum for gold cards, 2800 (Superman/Injustice 2, etc. without accounting for passives). However, they gain less percentage stats per promotion compared to Gold characters, and do not have access to Breakthrough (therefore, are capped at EVII instead of EX, and level 50 instead of 60). Coupled to Augments giving a maximum of +300 to base damage and health regardless of tier and stats, this means maxed out Metal cards have slightly less stats than the Gold cards with the highest stats.

All Metal cards can be evolved, which allows their passives to be upgradeable up to 4 more times, grant them access to Dark Power, have their Dark Power generation rates upgradeable, and animate their card. To evolve them, a Metal character must be at least Elite III and have both their Special Attacks and Super Move damage maxed out.

Bellow are the upgrade costs for an evolved metal characters with Valorium Alloy (Power Credits) format

Upgrade 1st Upgrade 2nd Upgrade 3th Upgrade 4th Upgrade 5th Upgrade 6th Upgrade 7th Upgrade 8th Upgrade 9th Upgrade 10th Upgrade Total Cost
Passive 500 (60k credits) 1500


2500 (140k) 3500 (180k) 4500 (220k) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12500 (700k)
SP1 Free 60 (4k credits) 90 (6k) 120 (8k) 150 (10k) 180 (12k) 210 (14k) 240 (16k) 270 (18k) 300 (20k) 1620


SP2 45 (3k credits) 90 (6k) 135 (9k) 180 (12k) 225 (15k) 270 (18k) 315 (21k) 360 (24k) 405 (27k) 450 (30k) 2475 (165k)
Super Move 55 (4k credits) 110 (8k) 165 (12k) 220 (16k) 275 (20k) 330 (24k) 385 (28k) 440 (32k) 495 (36k) 550 (40k) 3025 (220k)
Dark SP1 150 (30k credits) 200 (35k) 250 (40k) 300 (45k) 350 (50k) 400 (55k) 450 (60k) 500 (65K) 550 (70k) 600 (75k) 3750 (525k)
Dark SP2 300 (40k credits) 500 (50k) 700 (60k) 900 (70k) 1100 (80k) 1300 (90k) 1500 (100k) 1700 (110k) 1900 (120k) 2100


12000 (850k)
Total 35370 (2568k credits - 2818k if counted 250k used to evolve)

Extra copies of Metal characters can be sold for 240 Nth Metal, implying a "value" of 800 Nth Metal, which coincides with the cost of an Nth Metal Ultimate Pack.

Assuming that the only goal is to obtain Metal cards, and estimating that the Nth Metal Ultimate Pack has a 25% chance to yield 2 Metal cards instead of 1:

Name Nth Metal cost Card per pack Cost per card
Nth Metal Ultimate Pack 800 0.75 1067
Nth Metal Pro Pack 400 0.42 952
Nth Metal Pack 200 0.12 1667

Assuming even distribution, a Phantom Zone event and two resets with all Elite crystals will grant 462.5 Nth Metal on average.

There is no option to sort by Nth Metal first in your collection. However, by sorting by Bronze last (tap Bronze first, then tap the reverse button), Metal cards will be listed first.


  • Nth Metal cards are animated after evolving, unlike the other tiers of characters which have an unmoving image.
  • Upon release, Nth Metal characters were even harder and time consuming to obtain; the difficulty has been gradually lowered in following updates, adding more sources of Nth Metal, adding more efficient packs, reducing the amount of Phantom Zone credits required to power up a crystal, reducing the amount of total copies to fully promote Nth Metal characters, etc.
  • In the Dark Nights: Metal storyline, The Batman Who Laughs leads a team of "Dark Knights" consisting of evil versions of Batman fused with other characters from a number of worlds in the Dark Multiverse, including The Merciless and five others:
    • The Drowned (fusion of female versions of Batman and Aquaman)
    • The Dawnbreaker (fusion of Batman and Green Lantern)
    • The Devastator (fusion of Batman and Doomsday)
    • The Murder Machine (fusion of Batman and Cyborg)
    • The Red Death (fusion of Batman and The Flash)
  • Nth Metal opponents fought in Bonus Battle 6's Mirror Match are not evolved, and therefore will not use Dark Power specials.
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