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The New 52 was the 2011's revamp and relaunch by DC comics of its entire line of ongoing monthly superhero comic books. It may be referring to any of the following:


  1. Green Lantern/New 52
  2. Nightwing/New 52
  3. Superman/New 52
  4. The Flash/New 52
  5. Wonder Woman/New 52
  6. Shazam/New 52
  7. Black Adam/New 52


  • While Darkseid/Apokolips may not officially bear the "New 52" moniker, his appearance is clearly based off of the New 52 design.
  • The same goes for Sinestro/Antimatter and Hal Jordan/Red Lantern
  • New 52 Wonder Woman was released as Justice League Wonder Woman prior to the change to the current name.