HarleyIcon.png Harley Quinn is a character in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile. She is the hated lover of The Joker, and fights similar to him using childish gadgets and weapons. Harley is known as one of the best support characters in the game.

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  • Harley Quinn's real name was Harleen Quinzel, and she was a doctor who fell madly in love with the Joker while attempting to treat him, becoming his most notorious accomplice.
  • Harley Quinn is unique in multiple ways; her unblockable bomb always deals the equivalent of 100% damage; she has a damage boost and a heal on a special that is not tied to her passive (Zatanna has both but it only affects herself and it is her passive) which also affects other characters; she also has the same special 2 across all versions, and different special 1s on every version, while the opposite is the norm.
  • Previously, Harley Quinn's bomb can be blocked, and the heal and damage boost only affected herself. Her popularity greatly increased after the bomb was made unblockable and the heal and damage boost affect her entire team.
  • Harley Quinn's minimum and maximum damage on her special 2 are always the same (mostly from her unblockable bomb), and if her s2 is upgraded the max and min damage increase by the same amount each time.
  • Harley Quinn's s2 states that it gives a "random effect" despite that the player can choose any of the three as they rotate in the same order.