John Stewart Green Lantern
Rarity Base Stats Price Unlock
Gold 750/950 165,000 Challenge Mode, Challenge Booster Pack, Special Challenge Booster Packs
Passive Emergency Barrier: When Green Lantern or a teammate reaches 20% Health, a barrier appears making that character invulnerable for 4 seconds. This can occur once per character, per match.


Emergency Barrier

Emergency Barrier activated.

Green Lantern John Stewart is a life saver with his passive, shielding characters at critical health so they can get a few free uninterrupted blows and/or allow them to use healing gear.

His passive grants Invulnerability, a rare form of status effect only shared by the Militarized Batmobile and Astro-Harness, which negates most damage and status effects on the affected character, including flinching, allowing you to get unblocked specials much easier.

However, his poor base stats and the short lived nature of his passive (as well as the fact that it could be bypassed entirely by high hits) makes him rather unpopular.

Red Lantern Hal Jordan's release caused him to briefly resurface, as Emergency Barrier used to be able to shield Hal from his self-damage and allows him to use at least one more special or super. However, this was soon removed and now his passive does not affect Hal's self-damage.

If the first hit (the stun) of Batgirl's Art of Deception triggers his invulnerability, the character will continue to be stunned even when invulnerable.

It can trigger for Aquaman/Prime and each Atlantean Hero he summons.

Interactions Edit

Please note that battles are highly situational: this section only mentions cards that have mechanics that, for any reason, are particularly effective with/against, or particularly ineffective against Green Lantern. Having a card that "counters" Green Lantern does not mean it is always a good choice.

Good With Edit

  • Solomon Grundy/Regime, Solomon Grundy/Prime & Doomsday/Containment: When their health first fall between 1% and 20% remaining (either before or after resurrection), John Stewart's passive will render them temporarily invulnerable and this can act as a second chance/life saver for them.
  • Superman/Prime & Superman/Regime: He can protect them from being hit during their passive, allowing them to make use of it without being interrupted.
  • Solomon Grundy/Boss: Grundy can maximize the effectiveness of his passive by staying at critically low health without risk of being knocked out.

Good Against: Edit

  • Deathstroke/Arkham Origins: Although punishing, both of his specials are multi-hit, allowing Green Lantern to relatively easily negate large amounts of damage.
  • Raven/Teen Titans: Should his shield be up while her passive activates, she will still receive health and power, but he will lose no health.

Countered By Edit

  • Ares/Prime, Bane/Luchador & Doomsday/Prime: Their one-hit SP2 and SP1s, respectively, can avoid triggering Green Lantern's passive.
  • Batman/Batman Ninja: The shield that John offers to himself and to his teammates triggers at a very low health threshold. Batman's SP2 can effectively bypass the trigger and deliver the KO, especially when Batman is equipped with Cloak of Destiny.
  • Jessica Cruz/Rebirth: If the end of Jessica's combo ender stuns Green Lantern or any of his teammates at the exact time their shield goes up, the stun will remain on them. However, they will be protected while helpless.


Here are Green Lantern's abilities.

Ability Classification Description Usage
Turbine Smash First Special Green Lantern materializes a jet turbine engine, then slams it into his target. Rapid tap
Parallel Nature Second Special Green Lantern uses the power of his ring to unleash a melee ballistic combo. Rapid Swipe, Target
Beware My Power Super Move Green Lantern unleashes a beatdown through the power of his ring. UNBLOCKABLE. Tap

Support Cards and GearEdit

Here are Green Lantern's support cards and gear.

Card Classification Description Cost
Guardians Health 10% HEALTH BOOST. 3,000
Lantern Corps Damage 10% DAMAGE BOOST. 4,000
Power Battery Energy 10% ENERGY REGENERATION. 5,000
Green Power Ring (Supercharged Green Power Ring) Gear

BLOCKING stops 12% - 22% more damage

[Green Lantern] 15% - 25% chance to REFLECT SPECIAL 2 while blocking

[EVOLVED] DISABLE enemy Specials: 15% - 25% chance on Special 1

25,000 - 1,000,000 (upgrading)


These stats are the final damage and health levels at level 50, per Elite rank, with ALL support cards, and without any augmentations. With the 2.13 update, Elite 8, 9, and 10 have been added. The Elite 10 damage and health levels are for level 60 characters.

Tier Damage Health
Normal 6,375 13,851
Elite I 8,813 20,160
Elite II 11,745 27,693
Elite III 17,625 41,553
Elite IV 20,553 49,828
Elite V 23,490 55,404
Elite VI 26,430 60,482
Elite VII 29,362 69,255
Elite VIII 32,299 76,180
Elite IX 35,235 83,106
Elite X ?? ??


  • He has a unique combo ender that resembles the "Oa's Rocket" move from console.
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