GLIcon.png Green Lantern is a character in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile, being one of the few Lanterns in the game, he utilizes the green power ring of willpower to stop his opponents. Green Lantern acts in the game as an important support character for the most part, while for some, he can be an offensive character to use.

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General TriviaEdit

  • All versions of Green Lantern suffer from a visual glitch that may cause their heavy basic attack combos, Special Attacks and Super Moves to explode in a mass of flickering boxes on some devices. This also affects Sinestro and Static.
  • Kyle Rayner and John Stewart are both killed by Sinestro and his corps in the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic (year one and year three), although only the latter appeared in the game.
  • Green Lantern is tied with The Flash for having the third most number of cards at eight, after Superman at ten and Batman at eleven.
  • Green Lantern has the second most alternate identities in the game with Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Jessica Cruz, tied with Batman and surpassed by the Flash.
  • While Yellow Lantern is a skin readily available in the console port of the game, it wasn't available in the mobile port of the game until the 2.16 update.

Included CardsEdit