The Fourth World Set is a set of 4/5-star gears that, while already powerful in their own right, gains additional properties when 2 or 3 pieces are equipped to the same character, and was also the first gear set released. They can only be obtained through Survivor, along with the LexCorp Set and the League of Assassins Set.

The ultimate tank gear set, the Fourth World Set was infamous for making the defeating of characters who are already durable and persistent (Killer Frost, Martian Manhunter/Blackest Night, Darkseid/Apokolips, Superman/Injustice 2 etc.) a herculean, if not marathon, task, before being toned down in its effects to a more manageable level.

The Fourth World Set includes:

Unevolved FormsEdit

Evolved FormsEdit


Fourth World (Godly) Chest PlateEdit

  • 20% - 40% MAX HEALTH increase
  • 10% - 30% chance to REFLECT ALL SPECIALS while blocking
  • [EVOLVED] 10% - 20% Chance to take no damage from basic attacks

Fourth World (Godly) HelmetEdit

  • 8% -18% POWER GENERATION increase
  • BLOCKING stops 5% - 25% more damage
  • [EVOLVED] 15% - 25% STUN chance on Tag-In

Fourth World (Godly) MaceEdit

  • 100% AREA EFFECT: opponent's team takes 5% - 15% damage from Special 2
  • 5% - 25% DAMAGE BOOST to Special 2
  • [EVOLVED] 20% - 30% POWERDRAIN chance on Special 2

Fourth World Set Properties Edit

  • [3/3 SET EQUIPPED] 100% chance to regenerate X% - 50% health over 30 seconds from your Special 1 (cooldown: 5 seconds)
  • [2/3 SET EQUIPPED] X% - 31% HEALTH restored when KOd (the minimum number is determined by the number of pieces owned + the sum of how evolved each individual piece is--thus, the true minimum is owning 2 unfused pieces; there is a different "minimum" if all 3 set pieces are owned)


The regeneration effect is massive and cannot be reduced by Killer Frost/Regime's passive. It heals the user by the stated % of maximum health once every second for the stated number of seconds. Currently the discrepancies of different reports of the effect is unexplained. This has been changed in the 2.15 update and the Health Regeneration effect is now significantly slowed down.

The 2-piece effect is very powerful on Raven/Prime, both as a main combatant and a support, as the effect will resurrect her at low health and immediately swap health with her opponent if she would otherwise be knocked out (this requires the set to not be fused too much as the % health after revival depends on it), making her very difficult to deal with. She also works well with its variety of stats.

The regeneration used to stack with heal on s1 gear (Mutated Bone Spikes, Venom Injection System, etc.), but this is no longer possible as now the regeneration effect requires 3 pieces. The user can regenerate health even when tagged out.

Countered byEdit

Despite being a very powerful set all on its own, it does come with a downside and weaknesses. Though there are multiple ways to counter it, the best way to do so is using Superman/Dawn of Justice, as his passive has a chance to temporarily disables all of one opponent's gear, thus, will remove ALL effects from the gear set, and won't allow them to regenerate health or resurrect. Additionally, Batman/Flashpoint can shut down the regeneration effect of this set, but only if his specials are used before the healing effect starts. Once the healing begins, Batman can only stop them from doing it again.


  • The term "Fourth World" in comics refers to the mythology of New Genesis and Apokolips.
  • After the 2.8 update, the two set effects swapped places; prior to the update the revive effect required 3 pieces while the regeneration effect required 2. The text hasn't swapped places however, making the Fourth World Set the only gear set that had the 2-piece effect listed after the 3-piece effect. However in a recent update this was corrected and the set effects are now listed in the proper order.
  • The effect of this set is very similar to the evolved effect of the LexCorp Gauntlets V2's, since both have a regeneration effect from using Special 1. Both of these effects were also changed after the 2.15 update.
  • Before the 2.15 update, the evolved effect of this gear was a 100% chance of X%-6% Health Regen from your Special 1.
  • The regeneration effect used to have no cooldown and would be refreshed constantly upon another special 1 use, making it almost impossible to take down a dedicated user without power drain or overwhelming damage (such as from Cloak of Destiny).