Doomsday - Regime (HD)
Rarity Base Stats Price Unlock
Silver 400/500 51,000 Available in store, Silver Booster Pack, Starter Pack, Black Friday Pack 1
Passive Hero Slayer: After a KNOCK-OUT blow is dealt by Doomsday, his next Special attack will be UNBLOCKABLE.


Doomsday is a devastating Silver Card, whose next special attack would be unblockable upon knocking out an opponent. Thus, it is highly recommended that it should be used for his SP2, Supernova which has a long animation and is easily blocked otherwise. If this unblockable attack knocks out an opponent, he gains back the passive, allowing you to use it again. If you knock out two opponents without using an unblockable special, there will be two passive icons in the buff bar, but when you use an unblockable special, both will be removed.

IMG 1628-1-

Doomsday's passive is activated when he knocks out an opponent.

As more experienced players can evade block manually, Doomsday is largely passed over for other silver cards with more impactful passives. Nevertheless, he has the highest base health among all silver cards and can be a decent tank for newer players.

Occasionally, the computer will use his second special out of range, allowing players who hold down block immediately after a knockdown blow to effectively dodge even an unblockable.
IMG 1629-1-

Doomsday' 2nd special taken before "impact".


Please note that battles are highly situational: this section only mentions cards that have mechanics that, for any reason, are particularly effective with/against, or particularly ineffective against Doomsday. Having a card that "counters" Doomsday does not mean it is always a good choice.

Good With Edit

Good Against Edit

  • Static/Prime: Breaking Static's block will prevent his passive from activating.

Countered By Edit


Here are Doomsday's abilities.

Ability Classification Description Usage
Ultimate Liftoff First Special Doomsday delivers a brutal, upwards shoulder attack. Rapid Swipe
Supernova Second Special A powerful skyward jump ends with Doomsday slamming into his opponent. Quick tap
Mass Destruction Super Move Doomsday's strength is unopposed as he delivers annihilation to his foes. UNBLOCKABLE. Tap

Support Cards and GearEdit

Here are Doomsday's support cards and gear.

Card Classification Description Cost
Kryptonian Origin Health 10% HEALTH BOOST. 6,000
Death of Superman Damage 10% DAMAGE BOOST. 8,000
Fast Regeneration Energy 10% ENERGY REGENERATION. 10,000
Bone Spikes (Mutated Bone Spikes) Gear

50% - 70% DAMAGE BOOST to basic attacks

[Doomsday] 15% - 25% UNBLOCKABLE chance on basic attacks

[EVOLVED] 100% HEAL SELF 10% - 15% on Special 1

25,000 - 1,000,000 (upgrading)


These stats are the final damage and health levels at level 50, per Elite rank, with ALL support cards, and without any augmentations. With the 2.13 update, Elite 8, 9, and 10 have been added. The Elite 10 damage and health levels are for level 60 characters.

Tier Damage Health
Normal 3,131 7,290
Elite I 4,384 10,206
Elite II 5,637 13,122
Elite III 6,890 16,038
Elite IV 8,143 18,954
Elite V 9,396 21,870
Elite VI 10,649 24,786
Elite VII 11,902 27,702
Elite VIII 13,154 30,618
Elite IX 14,407 33,534
Elite X ? ?


  • Doomsday's special 1, Ultimate Liftoff, is based on the "Upward Venom" move from the console; meanwhile, the BOSS (colored red) version of him from Bonus Battle 6 in Standard Battle can use the regular "Venom" move. Supernova is based on the move of the same name. Only him, along with boss versions of Sinestro/Regime and Black Adam/Regime, have additional moves like that.
  • As the AI, he may perform the last hit of Doomsday/Prime's heavy combo.