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Superman's Headband is an unreleased Epic (4-star) gear that can be evolved into a Legendary (5-star) gear, Crown of Krypton. This unique gear was found in update 2.10's coding, it is unlikely to ever come out in game.


  • Chance to steal your opponent's gear after won multiplayer battle.
  • Chance to KO your opponent on combo ender.
  • [EVOLVED] Chance for a random booster pack after won multiplayer battle.


While the second effect of the gear seems very imbalanced and even overpowered, the chance of activation is EXTREMELY low if even currently working at all, such that it may only occur once over multiple matches or in prolonged matches. The effect is also the only one on the gear to potentially affect the course of a match.


  • This is the only gear to have a 200 gear score when fully evolved and maxed out, thus it can possibly increase the maximum gear score to 500 if released.
  • Only hacked accounts will be able to have this, as some videos shown on Youtube can be found.
  • It's also likely to be based on one of the Legendary Gears for the new Gear system for the upcoming Injustice 2 game on console, as the "Kryptonian Crown" is visible in advance Injustice 2 footage.
  • Despite having 3 listed effects with a "chance" to activate, the gear never displays what the number of any of those chances is.
    • Fusing the gear displays a "+1%" chance increase for the first effect and a "+0.5%" chance increase of the second and third effects, however.
  • Upon closer inspection of Superman/Injustice 2, he can be seen wearing that Crown.