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Fkyolo Fkyolo 27 March

Teams to cycle in MP

Here is my team cycle in MP. Each character appears in one team only so you don't have to use recharge or watch ads. I will assume that you have access to all gears (except 3 DOJ ones) and most characters. Target is top 1% (can be lower, suit yourself), and 5000 battle ratings per fight (against EX lv60 gold or E7 lv50 metal).

Turtle strategy is not applied here. You have to win, and win fast. Therefore, Tantu Totem and The Master Death Cart (TMDC) are crucial in most setup. Characters that can chain their SP2 from TMDC's tag-in shots are considered good SP2 carries.

  • 1 Team 1
  • 2 Team 2
  • 3 Team 3
  • 4 Team 4
  • 5 Team 5
  • 6 Team 6
  • 7 Team 7
  • 8 Team 8
  • 9 Team 9
  • 10 Team 10
  • 11 Team 11
  • 12 Team 12
  • 13 Team 13
  • 14 Team 14
  • 15 Team 15

Hawkgirl/Prime: Lexcorp Helmet, Ibistick, Claw of Horus


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Moron712 Moron712 1 March

Current Online Battle Cycle

The multiplayer seasons are currently cycling i.e. they are repeating after a certain amount of time. The below are the characters/gears that are currently involved in this cycle. The seasons are currently running in its second cycle.

Note: The cycle might break anytime. The future seasons are not guaranteed to occur.

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Moron712 Moron712 28 February

Current Challenge Cycle

The challenges are currently cycling i.e. they are repeating after a certain amount of time. The below are the characters that are currently involved in this cycle. The challenges are currently running in its third cycle. Note: The cycle might break anytime. The future challenges are not guaranteed to occur unless the pre-challenge packs (which are purchasable with real money or power credits) are unlocked.

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Fkyolo Fkyolo 20 December 2021

Some good gear setups

(This guide hasn't been completed yet. I will keep updating it)

This page will show some (actually a lot) great gear combinations, especially in Online Battle.

  • 1 Early game
    • 1.1 Basic attacks
    • 1.2 SP1
    • 1.3 SP2
  • 2 Basic attack
    • 2.1 Classic basic build
    • 2.2 Combo ender build with team heal
  • 3 SP1
    • 3.1 SP1 Stun AOE nuke
    • 3.2 SP1 crit build
    • 3.3 Hit-and-run DOT + disable gear
    • 3.4 Tanky SP1
  • 4 SP2
    • 4.1 Classic MP carry
    • 4.2 Starting SP2 nuke
    • 4.3 Beunon
    • 4.4 AOE
    • 4.5 Crit
  • 5 Defense
    • 5.1 Fourth World Set
    • 5.2 SP1 heal
    • 5.3 Damage reduction
    • 5.4 Resurrection
    • 5.5 Disarm
    • 5.6 SP evasion

Early on we don't have many choices here. Just stick with 1-2 star gears collected from Online Battle and Survivor Mode. Replace them with better gears as you have them.

Gear: Power Gloves, Mark Of Lady Shiva, Energy Lance

Just punching pe…

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Super22bal Super22bal 4 August 2021

How to take out all characters

This blogs is about how to take out all the characters. If you like to suggest anything do comment below. And I will put it in (supposing it is useful of coarse) Also don't mind my terrible English as I took English as my second language and I am still learning it. Anyway lets begin!

Aquaman Prime: This characters is a glitch and shouldn't be messed with easily as this character might have the ability to quickly take you out. Still, you can kill him either by strong high damage characters like Batman/Flashpoint or power drain characters like nightwing

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Super22bal Super22bal 31 May 2021

Tier list for characters

Hi Injustice Friends I am Super22bal and I am here to present you all my tier list of characters.

This are the few characteristics which lead to the character powerfulness

  • Stats of the character - average 20%
  • Helpfulness to team 20%
  • Boss fighting 20%
  • Fighting skills 20%
  • Passive 20%

With this calculation which I will explain later allows all characters to be in the list

This is the tiering system:

  • Undeniable powerful: 85%-100%
  • Deadly: 70%-84%
  • Mediocre: 50%-69%
  • Not the best: 35%-49%
  • Uncomparibly weak: 15%-34%
  • Wasted: 0-14%

Without further ado lets start!


To be continued.........

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Super22bal Super22bal 30 May 2021

47.6% How to grind for powercredits and nth metal and more

Helloo Injustice friends and community! I am Super22bal, and today because most of you in injustice reddit wanted me to post this so here I am.

As many of you start the game, some may just want to quickly finish the game and others may want to grind and get physically prepared to fight what is coming in their way. In spite of any of your opinions, I still owe my success to grinding power credits and nth metal. So without further ado, lets start this lesson

So as we all know Power credits are one of the most useful things in the game as no credits = no characters or gears. However, if we want powercredits we need to grind to earn it.

One way to grind is by using some of these battles to grind (Bonus battle 1, battle 13, bonus battle 2, battle…

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Super22bal Super22bal 26 May 2021

Synder Cut Batman

Synder Cut Batman

1200 health 1400 damage

Price: 420000

Passive: sky turns dark: When fighting, opponents screen has a chance to turn black. All justice league characters has a chance to heal 5-15% when screen turns black for the opponent.

Unlock by challenge mode, Challenge Booster Pack, Nth Metal Pack,Nth Metal Pro Pack,Nth Metal Ultimate Pack.

This character is a very nice booster character as every 6-9 seconds he will blind the opponents screen for about 1.5 sec. Plus,he has a 30% chance to regenerate 10-15% health for justice league character teamates.

Basic attack: 2%-2%-2%-(3%-3%)

Heavy attack: 2%-2%-4%-4%

  • Justice league characters
  • Lex Luthor Krypto to make up for Batman's low health.

  • Online characters
  • low health characters

  • Raven prime as he ha…

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Fkyolo Fkyolo 25 May 2021

Nth Pro vs Ultimate Pack

As you all know, the Nth Metal Pro Pack and Nth Metal Ultimate Pack are the most common options in spending Nth Metal. But people still debate which is the better one, so let's figure out!

  • 1 Pack Contents
    • 1.1 Pro pack (400 Nth)
    • 1.2 Ultimate pack (800 Nth)
  • 2 Chance for Metal
  • 3 Gold characters
    • 3.1 Pro pack
    • 3.2 Ultimate pack
    • 3.3 My comment
  • 4 Gear

First, let's take a look at contents of each pack. We will ignore augment cards.


  • Nth Metal character (42%)
  • Gold Challenge character (58%)


  • Epic Gear (2%)
  • Rare Gear (15%)
  • Common Gear (40%)
  • Uncommon Gear (43%)


  • Nth Metal character (60%) - chance for double metal
  • Gold MP character (40%)


  • Epic Gear (5%)
  • Rare Gear (10%)
  • Common Gear (85%)

We will compare 2 Pro vs 1 Ultimate, they both cost 800 Nth Metal. When …

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Super22bal Super22bal 13 May 2021

Diary of my life in injustice

When I first downloaded Injustice Gods Among Us on April 27th 2014, I did not expect my self to go this far till now ( now I am one the top notched players in the game) This blog is created not to flex or anything, but to show new players or some veteran players who want to move on further some skills and techinics while not falling to some traps and my gullibility. Anyways, lets start this journey!!

April 27th 2014: After hearing from a friend about this game, I decided to check it out myself by downloading it. While waiting for this game to load, I never expected my self to go that far and maybe even quit after a year later due to boredom. As I loaded into the game I started the tutorial and there was some weird temptation that I suddenl…

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Fkyolo Fkyolo 1 May 2021

Auto Crit Specials

This is a list of methods to achieve 100% crit chance on specials.

  • 1 Universal Way
    • 1.1 Both Specials
    • 1.2 SP1
    • 1.3 SP2
  • 2 Specific Cases
    • 2.1 Guaranteed With No Gear and Augment
    • 2.2 Boosted But Not 100% Crit Chance - Augment and Gears Are Still Needed

This is the universal way that can be used for all characters, regardless of passives. Simply stack enough 100% crit chance from some of those sources. Crit chances stack additively. All gears are maxed.


  • Augment: Up to 50%
  • Tantu Totem: 30%

Now you have 80% crit chance. Combine with one of the sources below for crit on specific special (SP1 or SP2). Batman Ninja Helmet also provides crit chance for Batman, but depends on his available power.


  • Alien Weaponry: 25%
  • Hyperspeed Plated Suit, Arcane Wand, Czarnian…

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Super22bal Super22bal 19 April 2021

custom booster pack

This a blog for booster packs that are custom made, if you have any suggestions do put them in the comments below

The quick starter pack

this pack contains 3 random gold characters and two 3 star gear and three 2 star gear

current characters in the pack recorded are:

  1. Bane/Prime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  2. Batman/Insurgency (85.50% chance of dropping)
  3. Batman/Prime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  4. Black Adam/Regime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  5. Cyborg/Teen Titans (85.50% chance of dropping)
  6. Doomsday/Prime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  7. Lex Luthor/Krypto (85.50% chance of dropping)
  8. Lobo/Prime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  9. Nightwing/New 52 (85.50% chance of dropping)
  10. Shazam/Prime (3.25% chance of dropping)
  11. Superman/Prime (85.50% chance of dropping)
  12. Superman/Regime (85.50% chance of…

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Fkyolo Fkyolo 17 April 2021

MP and Pack-exclusive characters' prices

Prices seem to be heavily influenced by stats. Costs of characters are based on their selling price: Selling = Buying * 0.3. Therefore, if the MP and pack-exclusive cards were unlocked for direct promotion, their buying price would be:

Now if you want to covert nth to credits, you can base on the in-app purchase. We will use the cheapest one of each kind as the more expensive ones will have the bonus values. Deathstroke's Blood Money gives 36,000 credit for $4.99 (rounded to 5 for easier math), and Oliver Queen's Pocket Change gives 110 nth for $9.99 (rounded to 10 for easier math). So with one dollar, you can have 7,200 credits or 11 nth, so the credit : nth ratio is 7,200 : 11, and 800 nth should be equal to ~523,636 credits - isn't much costlie…

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Super22bal Super22bal 28 March 2021

Custom charcters

Cyborg justice league

1300 damage 1650 health

Cyborgnetic power surge: Every justice league characters get a metallic armor which gives them 15% more health and take 25% less damage. At health threshold 100%, 60%, 15%, gets three choices of 25% health, 30% damage, 50% power for all justice league characters and cyborgs

Unlock only by being the top 5% in online battle

Batman justice league

1450 damage 1100 health

Darkness engulfs light: For every justice league member that gets knockout, Batman will tag in and kick the enemy stealing 35% of the enemy's full health and stunning the enemy. All justice league characters do 200% more damage for melee damage against ememy justice league characters

Unlock in challenge mode

Price: 485000 power credits


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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 20 December 2020

Mr. Freeze/Arkham (CUSTOM CHARACTER)

  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Additional Information
    • 3.1 Passive

Here are Mr. Freeze's abilities.

  • Mr. Freeze's tag-in counter is a combination of both Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight and Batman/Gaslight's passives.
  • Regardless of whether Mr. Freeze is tagged in or tagged out, he freezes any opponent who tags in.
  • This powerful effect is a reliable and extremely effective counter to many characters/gears in the game, such as Bane/Luchador paired with the Cloak of Destiny.
  • Mr. Freeze completely freezes the opponent, rather than just slowing them down (i.e. Freeze rather than Deep Freeze).
  • Mr. Freeze also provides his Arkham teammates, allowing with himself, an immunity to all Freeze and Deep Freeze effects.
  • In addition to his already powerful passive, Mr. Freeze…

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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 20 December 2020

Ares/Insurgency (CUSTOM CHARACTER)

  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Additional Information
    • 3.1 Passive
    • 3.2 Promotions

Here are Ares' abilities.

  • When Ares tags in, the opponent loses the ability to block, and is unable to tag-out for 10 seconds.
  • Ares ignores all effects of invulnerability, and bypasses any of the opponent's immunities.
  • For example, Ares is still able to damage characters equipped with the Astro-Harness, Green Lantern/John Stewart's emergency barrier, or any Batman characters with the Batmobile equipped, despite having any invulnerability shields active.
  • He is also ignores any of the opponent's immunities, such as being able to inflict DOT effects on Batman/Arkham Knight despite selecting the DOT Immunity effect from his passive.
  • Ares also receives an additional 10% increase to…

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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 19 December 2020


  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Additional Information
    • 3.1 Passive
    • 3.2 Deadpool

Here are Deadpool's abilities.

  • Deadpool's healing factor allows him to generate up to 3% health per second, however, the amount of regeneration is linked to the amount of power that Deadpool has.
  • At 0% power, Deadpool regenerates at a rate of 1.5% health per second.
  • At 1 bar of power (33.33% power), Deadpool regenerates at a rate of 2% health per second.
  • At 2 bars of power (66.66% power), Deadpool regenerates at a rate of 2.5% health per second.
  • At 3 bars of power (100% power), Deadpool regenerates at the maximum rate of 3% health per second.
  • Deadpool's regeneration amount increases by 0.015% health for every 1% of power gained, and therefore increases by 0.5% health for every 1 bar of …

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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 19 December 2020


  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Additional Information
    • 3.1 Passive

Here are Shazam's abilities.

Eligible Justice League Members:

  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Wonder Woman
  • Green Lantern
  • The Flash
  • Green Arrow
  • Aquaman
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Cyborg
  • Hawkgirl
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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 19 December 2020


  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Additional Information
    • 3.1 Scorpion

Here are Scorpion's abilities.

  • This card is directly inspired by the version found in the MKX Mobile Game.
  • All of Scorpion's basic attacks and specials are directly copied from the MKX Mobile Game.
  • Scorpion's Super Move, however, is identical to that of his other Injustice cards as opposed to being copied from MKX Mobile.
  • Scorpion synergises with both Red Son characters, as well as Sub-Zero/Kold War.
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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 18 December 2020

Bane/Injustice 2 (CUSTOM CHARACTER)

  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Additional Information
    • 3.1 Venom Buffs
    • 3.2 Debuff Mode

Here are Bane's abilities.

  • Each combo ender gives Bane a Venom buff.
  • Each Venom buff provides a 30% Damage increase and 30% Unblockable Chance increase to Venom's Special Attacks.
  • The number of active Venom buffs can be seen under his health bar (located where the passives are).
  • Bane can stack up to 4 Venom buffs at a time.
  • After Bane launches a Special Attack, he consumes all existing Venom Buffs and enters 'Debuff Mode' for 10 seconds.

  • During Debuff Mode, Bane receives a 15% decrease in Damage and Power Generation per Venom buff consumed.
  • He is also unable to Tag Out or gain any further Venom buffs during Debuff Mode.

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HAZY444 HAZY444 24 September 2020

glitch documentation

Encountered a Metal Deathstroke/Red Son online. After interacting with the character page for a few seconds, my game crashed. (screenshots attached)

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Stevenger1 Stevenger1 17 September 2020

Dc character creator

Make your own DC character and teams made from those characters Example .Fireboy Power fire

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Mixces Mixces 9 May 2020


I haven't played this game in a good few months (I stopped playing after the introduction of Blackest night Flash). Are there any new cards or gears?

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Qedsa40 Qedsa40 4 May 2020

Unattainable Characters that can only be attained by real money

Alrighty, so it's been a year+ since the last update and yet this game is not only active but there is an active player base AND there are still new people joining. And the latter people here are very unfortunate cause there are some characters that you will NEVER obtain unless you spend a buck. Other than that, the rest you can still obtain through complete RNG, it's random but they are in there. Anyway, here's a quick guide on the unattainable characters (please don't update the pages themselves):

  • Batman/Dawn of Justice

It goes without saying that even I, who played for so long never ever obtained even one copy and never will so there's that. For newbies and veterans alike, you can only get his copies from the Batman Vs Superman Character …

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Thatawesomecat Thatawesomecat 25 March 2020

Wiki Manager introduction

Hello Injustice Mobile Wiki, I'm Thatawesomecat, your Wiki Manager here! I'll be acting as a liaison between you and Fandom Staff. For any questions or issues related to editing here, please feel free to reach out to me!

You can read more about Fandom Wiki Managers here:

I will be around to check your RecentChanges occasionally, but if you need me, please feel free to send me a message on my talk page here. I look forward to working with you!

Thatawesomecat (talk) 16:26, March 25, 2020 (UTC)Thatawesomecat

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Eteled34 Eteled34 23 October 2019

How to Create Custom Cards


  • Ibis Paint


  • Character card of choice. (Tier depends on character.)
  • Background.
  • Character you want to make your card out of. (if your card already has a background you don't want, erase it.)
  • Damage and Health symbols.
  • Level number.
  • Energy blocks
  • Futura Teemed MEDCon font. (Optional.)

I hope this helped card creators or people wondering how to make character cards.

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Eteled34 Eteled34 21 October 2019

My Character Tier List

This tier doesn't really have all the characters and the tier lists will be based off of my opinion, and will be separated from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Nth Metal. Now let's get started.

  • Sinestro/Prime

Although not considered to be one of the BEST Bronze cards he can totally be relied on by turning opponents to crap with his SP1 and a multi-hit SP2 that inflicts power drain. And when paired with the Lexcorp Set against a power drainer like Deadshot/Arkham Origins, Black Adam/Kahndaq, or especially Nightwing/Batman Ninja, who's passive inflicts power drain on tag out, his passive which gives him power on opponent tag out would prove his role in the Sinestro Corps. He could go from the Lantern who represents fear to the actual meaning of fear…

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DaUltraOne DaUltraOne 16 October 2019

My own character

This is my first custom character I've ever made.

PASSIVE: Mechanical Power - Hank Henshaw and his teammates STEAL ALL of their opponent's power and take less/deal 100% damage for 6 seconds on tag-in or when an opponent tags out. Hank has a damage aura on tag-in which REFLECTS all damage from the opponent. If aura was hit by a special attack, it deals 50% damage to the opponent.

Aura lasts for 3 hits.

SP1: Flying Punch - Hank throws out multiple blows in one of his most classic moves to utterly crush his opponent. CAUSES OPPONENT TO BLEED.

SP2: Superman's Nemesis - Evil is brought by Hank through his technical strength and his UNBLOCKABLE laser eyes at the end. Inflicts BURNING.

SUPER: Kryptonian Smash - Bang! Zoom! Superman's unrivaled might i…

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IiApexion IiApexion 10 October 2019

What's your tier list for bronze/silver characters, considering they don't have a tier list?

Since we don't have tier lists for bronze/silver cards but we have a tier list for METAL cards, what's your opinion on the bronze/silver metal card tier list? These things (passive, damage, health, speed, cost) go in with the character's placing, so what do you think? I'm too scrubby to make one.

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DaUltraOne DaUltraOne 5 October 2019

My Top 10 Injustice Mobile Characters

These are my Top 10 characters in Injustice Mobile.


1. Batman/Arkham Knight

2. The Arkham Knight/Arkham Knight

3. Superman/Injustice 2

4. Martian Manhunter/Prime

5. Aquaman/Prime

6. The Flash/Metahuman

7. Deathstroke/Arkham Origins

8. Deadshot/Suicide Squad

9. Batgirl/Arkham Knight

10.Batman/Beyond Animated

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AvidJubJub AvidJubJub 9 July 2019

Bonus Battle 6 - Easy Credit Farm


20K & 40K
Match 2

20K & 40K
Match 3

20K & 40K
Match 4

20K & 40K
Match 5

25K & 45K
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Titanamb Titanamb 27 March 2019

Superman/Justice Lord (Custom Character)

  • 1 Stats
  • 2 Strategy
    • 2.1 Basic Attacks
    • 2.2 Special Attacks

He cannot be unlocked. He can be obtained by ranking in the top 5% of players during certain Online Battle seasons. 

To balance out his high base attack stat I gave him low percent damage but a high number of hits to play into his ability.  The 4 hit combo ender  makes power generation less of a burden allowing Superman/Justice Lord to get to his SP2 faster.  His light combo ender is Superman freezing his opponent and stoming on them.  His combo ender has the same animation as the heat vision SP2.  His heavy is the normal two punches and then grabs them by the arms and slams them.

His SP2 is Superman/Justice Lord throws his opponent across the arena bouncing him off the floor and grabbing him.…

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Qedsa40 Qedsa40 5 March 2019

My NCIs (new)

  1. Arkham Solomon Grundy
  2. Batman Ninja Gorilla Grodd
  3. Batman Ninja Harley Quinn
  4. DC Elseworlds/Katwoman of Outworld Kitana
  5. DC Elseworlds/Killer Krok Baraka
  6. Injustice 2 Bizarro
  7. MK11 The Joker
  8. The Devastator (Metal)
  9. The Drowned (Metal)
  10. The Murder Machine (Metal)
  11. The Red Death (Metal)
  12. The Shazam Who Laughs (Metal)
  13. Yellow Lantern Nightwing
  14. Yellow Lantern Superman (Redux)

  1. The Suicide Squad movie set
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Qedsa40 Qedsa40 23 February 2019

We did it guys.

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Malthael Archangel of Death Malthael Archangel of Death 18 January 2019

Is this cheating

I am not an expert of this game so I ask to this wiki: are these two cheating or it's possible to have these teams with these levels? I thought it was impossible to unlock elite 10 before level 50

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Qedsa40 Qedsa40 16 January 2019

MKX Mobile gets a major upgrade. But does Injustice Mobile?

It appears that in lieu of MK11 coming, MKX Mobile is gonna be I won't say upgraded really but renamed to just Mortal Kombat Mobile so that they can include the MK11 roster and possibly many others. So the question is why it can't be the same with this game? We don't have anymore Injustice 2 characters, DCEU characters (except Shazam probably) and CW characters. Like as Atheist said, only the second rate ones, which kinda sucks but it's something. Since that is the case with MKX mobile, do you think this game will upgrade itself sometime in the future? Even a small glimmer of it? I mean I still want the rest of the I2 cast.

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I Want To Be A Chicken Nugget I Want To Be A Chicken Nugget 6 October 2018

team comps for challenge modes' battle 3 on nightmare?

just as the name suggests

what kinda teams do you use for battle 3 on nightmare? 

heres the team i use: 

E7 lv31 regime/cyborg (lex corp chestplate and helmet, both +10)

E6 lv36 deathstroke (RAGS)

E5 lv34 regime green latern

what are your choices? 

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Enthusiastic Injustee Enthusiastic Injustee 15 August 2018

Trade for a dream character

If there was one gold character who was not Solomon Grundy/Boss and Bane/Prime (since those are the obvious choices) you would permanently remove from the game in exchange for your dream character, who would it be?

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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 13 August 2018

Talon Throwing Knives

The Talon Throwing Knives is a piece of Legendary (5 star) gear evolved from the Epic (4 star) gear, Court of Owls Dagger. It can be obtained by ranking top 5% in Online Battle season rewards.

  • 40% - 100% CRIT chance on basic attacks
  • 80% - 100% DAMAGE BOOST to basic attacks
  • 30% - 50% UNBLOCKABLE chance on basic attacks
  • [EVOLVED]: 10% - 20% chance to regenerate 5% - 15% health over 5 seconds on Combo Ender

The Talon Throwing Knives are the best basic attack damage and crit chance boosting gear in the game, out-classing Epic basic-crit gears such as the Powered Eskrima Sticks, Netherealm Kama, etc., offering a 30% increased damage boost and 55% increased crit chance in comparison to those gears.

This gear woiuld be useful to characters that have high-…

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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 6 August 2018

Atom/Injustice 2 (CUSTOM CHARACTER)

  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Special Attack 2 Abilities
    • 3.1 Red Potion
    • 3.2 Blue Potion
    • 3.3 Green Potion
  • 4 Additional Information
    • 4.1 Passive

Here are Atom's abilities.

  • Atom's SP2 does a mediocre amount of damage, however, each of the three different potions inflicts different DOT effects, which do extremely large amounts of damage (all DOT effects do the same amount of damage and last for 10 seconds, just with different effects).
  • The potion thrown is unblockable and creates the visual effect of a small explosion on the ground, knocking back the enemy.
  • Upon SP2 activation, the three different potion icons (Red, Blue and Green) cycle on the screen at the same speed as Harley Quinn's SP2, and for the same amount of time.

  • Damage Over Time Effect: BURN
  • The Red Potion…

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Raymund662 Raymund662 29 July 2018

Custom Character No.2 - Superman/Sinestro Corps!

This will be the king of all Supermen: Superman/Sinestro Corps

NOTE: Although he can only be obtained through Online Battle Seasons, Superman/Sinestro Corps will sell for 150,000 Power Credits, so he technically has the same price with the Batman Ninja characters - you will know why.

  • 1 Basic Attacks
    • 1.1 Specials
  • 2 Passive
  • 3 Abilities
  • 4 Support Cards and Gear
  • 5 Stats
  • 6 Trivia

Superman’s combo-ender is exactly the same as Superman/New 52’s Special 2, albeit at a faster speed, while Superman’s heavy combo will be a unique one - the 1st 2 hits will be from the 1st 2 hits of Superman/Dawn of Justice’s SP2, while the remaining hits are from the last 2 hits of Superman/Blackest Night’s SP2 (albeit at a faster speed) but instead of violet necrotic energy it’s yell…

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Enthusiastic Injustee Enthusiastic Injustee 26 July 2018


The non crap one is back! Get it now!

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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 18 July 2018


  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Additional Information
    • 3.1 Sub-Zero

Here are Sub-Zero's abilities.

  • This card is directly inspired by the version found in the MKX Mobile Game.
  • All of Sub-Zero's basic attacks and specials are directly copied from the MKX Mobile Game.
  • Sub-Zero synergises with both Red Son characters, as well as Scorpion/Kold War.
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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 17 July 2018

Gorilla Grodd/Injustice 2 (CUSTOM CHARACTER)

  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Additional Information
    • 3.1 Special Attack 1

Here are Gorilla Grodd's abilities.

  • Grodd's SP1 inflicts Mental DOT that isn't powerful, but lasts for a significant amount of time (20 seconds).
  • You could easily ramp up the damage of his SP1 by spamming it, possibly with the aid of power generation teammates and gears, as the damage of his SP1 scales up with the amount of Mental DOT effects active on the opponent.
  • Although not explicitly stated, the damage of the SP1 increases by 50% for each active Mental DOT effect.
  • This can be countered by tagging out.
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TheLunaticSummoner TheLunaticSummoner 14 July 2018

Clayface/Arkham (CUSTOM CHARACTER)

  • 1 Basic Attacks
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Additional Information
    • 3.1 Super Move

Here are Clayface's abilities.

  • Clayface's Super Move would only be viable against characters of similar promotion as himself, as the amount of damage that it deals is dependent on the opponent's Super Move damage value.
  • The Super Move applies a 15 second snare on the opponent, which compensates for its reduced damage. This snare effect makes Clayface the only character in the game to have a unique effect/ability on their Super Move.
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Enthusiastic Injustee Enthusiastic Injustee 6 July 2018

New Ninja Batman and Ninja Joker Pack (drops rare stuff)

This new pack not only drops the ever elusive Batman/Beyond, but also The Joker Unhinged/Suicide Squad. If you need to elite either of them, especially the latter, farm this damn pack. I spent 10mil and got 4 copies of Unhinged Joker, drop rate is decent, get it now!

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Just out of curiousity, I was wondering which characters players find it easiest to juggle with. Some of my personal favorites:

JCGL: Light combo is easy to chain and with power drain and life drain gear very effective

SS Deadshot: Pre-RAGS nerf quite possibly my favorite character to play with, insanely easy to chain light combos, quick activation on sp1, etc

Silver Catwoman: Surprisingly easy to use in my opinion, probably bc all of the other Catwoman cards can't juggle at all

Any Lex Luthor: Not sure what it is, but I find chaining heavy combos very easy

SSHQ: Faster power gain and enchantress companion card makes an infinite sp1 heavy combo that your opponent can't get out of.

BNMM: Easy to use light combos that chain into sp2

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Raymund662 Raymund662 2 July 2018

Lobo/Bounty Hunter + Ibistick + Quake Engine = UNESCAPABLE DEATH?

Considering LOBO/BOUNTY HUNTER’s passive, when he activates SP2 the opponent is snared until the Burn DOT runs its course or finishes...

What if he is then equipped with IBISTICK AND QUAKE ENGINE, then ACTIVATES HIS SP2? Will it be possible to “Burn” down the opponent’s health to 1? Will Scorpion/Klassic, Raven/Prime and Astro-Harness be the only ones that will counter this?

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Qedsa40 Qedsa40 29 June 2018

Regime Hawkgirl no longer snares?

So I was facing against her and noticed that on tag in and tag out, she no longer snares my team. The real question is, has this happened before 2.21?

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Enthusiastic Injustee Enthusiastic Injustee 24 June 2018

Direct Upgrade Section

I was wondering, what if there was a page that could help new players that acted like a family tree (sort of)? Basically it would start out with a character (i.e. Batman/Arkham Origins) and then what their direct upgrade would be (Batman/Arkham Knight) since he basically does the same thing, but better in every way. Solomon Grundy/Earth 2 could be a considered a direct upgrade of both Killer Frost/Prime and Superman/Dawn of Justice due to the combination of their passives. Let me know what you think, I think this page could have potential.

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