• Malthael Archangel of Death

    I am not an expert of this game so I ask to this wiki: are these two cheating or it's possible to have these teams with these levels? I thought it was impossible to unlock elite 10 before level 50

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  • Qedsa40

    It appears that in lieu of MK11 coming, MKX Mobile is gonna be I won't say upgraded really but renamed to just Mortal Kombat Mobile so that they can include the MK11 roster and possibly many others. So the question is why it can't be the same with this game? We don't have anymore Injustice 2 characters, DCEU characters (except Shazam probably) and CW characters. Like as Atheist said, only the second rate ones, which kinda sucks but it's something. Since that is the case with MKX mobile, do you think this game will upgrade itself sometime in the future? Even a small glimmer of it? I mean I still want the rest of the I2 cast.

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  • I Want To Be A Chicken Nugget

    just as the name suggests

    what kinda teams do you use for battle 3 on nightmare? 

    heres the team i use: 

    E7 lv31 regime/cyborg (lex corp chestplate and helmet, both +10)

    E6 lv36 deathstroke (RAGS)

    E5 lv34 regime green latern

    what are your choices? 

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  • Enthusiastic Injustee

    If there was one gold character who was not Solomon Grundy/Boss and Bane/Prime (since those are the obvious choices) you would permanently remove from the game in exchange for your dream character, who would it be?

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  • TheLunaticSummoner

    The Talon Throwing Knives is a piece of Legendary (5 star) gear evolved from the Epic (4 star) gear, Court of Owls Dagger. It can be obtained by ranking top 5% in Online Battle season rewards.

    • 40% - 100% CRIT chance on basic attacks
    • 80% - 100% DAMAGE BOOST to basic attacks
    • 30% - 50% UNBLOCKABLE chance on basic attacks
    • [EVOLVED]: 10% - 20% chance to regenerate 5% - 15% health over 5 seconds on Combo Ender

    The Talon Throwing Knives are the best basic attack damage and crit chance boosting gear in the game, out-classing Epic basic-crit gears such as the Powered Eskrima Sticks, Netherealm Kama, etc., offering a 30% increased damage boost and 55% increased crit chance in comparison to those gears.

    This gear woiuld be useful to characters that have high-…

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  • TheLunaticSummoner

    Rarity Base Stats Price Unlock
    Gold 1,200/1,400 N/A Achieving Top 5% In Online Battle Seasons

    Physics PhD: Atom's Basic combo ender may inflict MENTAL DAMAGE OVER TIME over 10 seconds and drain the opponent's POWER. Atom's Basic attacks increase in damage for every active MENTAL DAMAGE OVER TIME effect on the opponent.

    Basic combo Damage pattern (% of damage stat) Total
    Light (Combo Ender) 3% - 3% - 3% - 3% - (4%) 16%
    Heavy 5% - 5% - 5% 15%

    Here are Atom's abilities.

    Ability Classification Description Usage
    Particle Manipulation First Special Atom launches a series of attacks while manipulating his body size. Rapid Swipe
    Atomic Concoction Second Special Atom inflicts the opponent with one of three RANDOM EFFECTS: DEEP FREEZE, GEAR DISABLE, or CURSE. …

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  • Raymund662

    This will be the king of all Supermen: Superman/Sinestro Corps

    NOTE: Although he can only be obtained through Online Battle Seasons, Superman/Sinestro Corps will sell for 150,000 Power Credits, so he technically has the same price with the Batman Ninja characters - you will know why.

    Rarity Base Stats Price Unlock
    Gold 1300/1500 N/A Achieve Top 5% in Online Battle Seasons

    Fueled By Fear: Superman’s aura is continuously fueled by fear, dealing blinding Radiation to the whole enemy team which has a chance to CRIT. Superman has a myriad of Specials to use which also uses up his own Health and does damage to himself which CANNOT heal. Superman grants +15% DAMAGE, POWER GENERATION, HEALTH and CRIT CHANCE to “Allies” teammates (“Allies” include Superma…

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  • Enthusiastic Injustee

    The non crap one is back! Get it now!

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  • TheLunaticSummoner

    Rarity Base Stats Price Unlock
    Gold 1,400/1,400 355,000 Challenge Mode

    Arms Race: Increases your Team's POWER GENERATION by 20% and decreases opponent team's POWER GENERATION by 20% for each Kold War or Red Son team member. +50% CRIT DAMAGE vs frozen opponents.

    Basic combo Damage pattern (% of damage stat) Total
    Light (Combo Ender) 3% - 3% - 3% - (3% - 3%) 15%
    Heavy 5% - 5% - 5% 15%

    Here are Sub-Zero's abilities.

    Ability Classification Description Usage
    Ice Ball First Special Sub-Zero uses his trained cryomancing abilities to launch a devestating ice ball at the enemy. Applies DEEP FREEZE. Quick tap
    Ice Klone Smash Second Special Sub-Zero freezes his opponent with the help of one of his signature Ice Klones. Applies DEEP FREEZE. Rapid tap
    Deep Freeze S…

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  • TheLunaticSummoner

    Rarity Base Stats Price Unlock
    Gold 950/1,400 390,000 Challenge Mode

    Telekinetic Mind Control: After Knocking Out an enemy, Gorilla Grodd is able to control their mind and use them in battle with 1 health point, +400% increased attack and maintain the amount of power the enemy had before being Knocked Out. After Gorilla Grodd takes over an enemy's mind, they are invulnerable for 2 seconds.

    Basic combo Damage pattern (% of damage stat) Total
    Light (Combo Ender) 3% -3% - (3% - 4%) 13%
    Heavy 8% - 8% 16%

    Here are Gorilla Grodd's abilities.

    Ability Classification Description Usage
    Telekinetic Blast First Special Grodd blasts his enemy with a powerful telekinetic blast inflicting Mental Damage for 20 seconds. The damage of this attack increases with the…

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  • TheLunaticSummoner

    Rarity Base Stats Price Unlock
    Gold 900/1,050 265,000 Challenge Mode, Arkham Pack

    Sludge Shield: All Arkham characters on Clayface's team are immune to DOT. Clayface dampens all enemy power generation by 25% (even if he is not tagged in).

    Basic combo Damage pattern (% of damage stat) Total
    Light (Combo Ender) 2% - 2% - (4% - 3%) 11%
    Heavy 4% - 4% - 7% 15%

    Here are Clayface's abilities.

    Ability Classification Description Usage
    Clay Cannon First Special Clayface turns himself into a cannon and launches a heavy clay projectile at the enemy. Quick tap
    Sludge Geyser Second Special Clayface hits the enemy with a number of consecutive blows followed up with a fountain of toxic sludge. Deals POISON damage over time for 5 seconds. Rapid Swipe, Quick tap

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  • Enthusiastic Injustee

    This new pack not only drops the ever elusive Batman/Beyond, but also The Joker Unhinged/Suicide Squad. If you need to elite either of them, especially the latter, farm this damn pack. I spent 10mil and got 4 copies of Unhinged Joker, drop rate is decent, get it now!

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    July 5, 2018 by ROOSHEEYUH

    Just out of curiousity, I was wondering which characters players find it easiest to juggle with. Some of my personal favorites:

    JCGL: Light combo is easy to chain and with power drain and life drain gear very effective

    SS Deadshot: Pre-RAGS nerf quite possibly my favorite character to play with, insanely easy to chain light combos, quick activation on sp1, etc

    Silver Catwoman: Surprisingly easy to use in my opinion, probably bc all of the other Catwoman cards can't juggle at all

    Any Lex Luthor: Not sure what it is, but I find chaining heavy combos very easy

    SSHQ: Faster power gain and enchantress companion card makes an infinite sp1 heavy combo that your opponent can't get out of.

    BNMM: Easy to use light combos that chain into sp2

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  • Raymund662

    Considering LOBO/BOUNTY HUNTER’s passive, when he activates SP2 the opponent is snared until the Burn DOT runs its course or finishes...

    What if he is then equipped with IBISTICK AND QUAKE ENGINE, then ACTIVATES HIS SP2? Will it be possible to “Burn” down the opponent’s health to 1? Will Scorpion/Klassic, Raven/Prime and Astro-Harness be the only ones that will counter this?

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  • Qedsa40

    So I was facing against her and noticed that on tag in and tag out, she no longer snares my team. The real question is, has this happened before 2.21?

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  • Enthusiastic Injustee

    I was wondering, what if there was a page that could help new players that acted like a family tree (sort of)? Basically it would start out with a character (i.e. Batman/Arkham Origins) and then what their direct upgrade would be (Batman/Arkham Knight) since he basically does the same thing, but better in every way. Solomon Grundy/Earth 2 could be a considered a direct upgrade of both Killer Frost/Prime and Superman/Dawn of Justice due to the combination of their passives. Let me know what you think, I think this page could have potential.

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  • Raymund662

    (Copied from the Discussions posts I posted, sorry for spamming)

    Has anyone noticed that Batman Ninja’s SP2 deal MORE DAMAGE than it’s supposed to be? I had him at EI Level 12 with a base dmg of 7,488 and his SP2 is fully upgraded, so his SP2 upon reaching 200% damage should be dealing around 15K+ damage.

    However, although his stun deals around 1.7K damage, his last hit deals 22K+ damage - and it is not Crit from his passive! I did NOT gear him with Cloak Of Destiny, nor had him teamed up with support characters like Batman/Prime or Lex Luthor/Prime, his teammates are actually Sinestro/Antimatter and AKHQ.

    With this, he technically has a base damage of around 11K, not 7,488. Whaddya think?

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  • Starfighterace93

    With this 2.21 update now released, players have complained about Batman's heavy combo, saying the devs nerfed it. I was one of them. However, after spending time experiement with different Batman cards, with the exception of Batman/Flashpoint (don't have him) and Batman/Arkham Knight (has heavy combo that, at this point, is only unique to him), I found that Batman is now a more versatile and stronger threat then before. Here's what I found:

    1. Though Batman's heavy combo is essentially non-chainable, it's relatively simple to chain one light combo and one heavy combo; at times I've been able to perform a light-heavy-light-heavy combo.
    2. It's easier for Batman to send opponents into the corner - both his combo ender and the last hit of his heavy …
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  • Starfighterace93

    Team Talk

    June 19, 2018 by Starfighterace93

    @Pheenix23 and I have shared different teams we enjoy using. I even used one of Pheenix's team set-ups (with a slight variation to the gear loadout) and it truly is a great set-up both on offense and defense. During our correspondance, we discovered we have different strategy styles, which makes for a fun discussion. I decided to broaden the conversation to the rest of the wiki.

    The purpose of this blog is to discuss different team set-ups players enjoy using or to discuss set-up ideas that have not yet been tested either by the user or in general. This can cover teams used for offense, defense, or both and people can share as much or as little as they want. 

    I'll start us off...

    • Harley Quinns Gone Batty
      • Use: Offense and Defense
      • Members:
        • Slot 1:…
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  • Qedsa40

    So, as you all know, the Crown of Krypton exists in the game files with OP effects especially regarding the instant KO on combo enders. And none of the effects actually work. But what if I tell you, that it doesn't work not because it's not ready, but because it's not supposed to? Some say the instant KOs is supposed to deal with hackers. But on the contrary, having the gear in possession and using it in online battle while remaining unreleased actually catches hackers instead! Yup, now that's the true effects of the Crown of Krypton. It is supposed to catch hackers, as it is unreleased gear but it doesn't work anyway, it's a bait for them to take. As far as I know, it's not really necessary given how strong the auto banning system really …

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  • Rebirth Darkseid503

    Your team

    June 4, 2018 by Rebirth Darkseid503

    What is your most commonly used team for single player.

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  • Rebirth Darkseid503

    Blackest night Aquaman. He is in the comics and Aquaman already has the only other injustice 2 skin. So his base stats are:1,250/1,350. His passive is:Death of the king: when any character on his team is knocked out, they will revive with blackest night Aquaman and two atlantean soldiers helping them as they revive with one health. Aquaman gains an unrinsable damage boost and health gain when using a special or super. If Aquaman knocks out a opponent he summons a undead atlantean soldier. If he is the last one on his team he will get a 300% health and damage boost. Special one: trident toss this is also 5 hits. This drains power and causes bleeding. Special two: undead ocean: this is a 17 hit special and causes area effect team power drain…

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  • Rebirth Darkseid503

    So I have researching about blackest night and there seems to be a flash. He is very good I think his base stats are 1,250/1,000. So pretty good right? Now the passive it may seem overpowered but with raven and flashpoint teams and red sons and suicide squad and Arkham it makes the game more balanced. His passive: upon activation of death race(his special two) the flash gains the ability two outrun his demise. When the flash is at 20% health he vibrates at the speed of light and converts 100% of all damage into health for 15 seconds. Can be used twice per match and cannot be rinsed. And when he tags in he gets a 25% speed increase for the rest of the match and his opponents are slowed for 5 seconds. The flash does 50% more damage against s…

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  • Darkseid503

    Darkseid is one

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  • Raymund662

    A New BANE!

    May 18, 2018 by Raymund662

    No one seems to notice this blog (or thread?) anymore (Thread:29959) - so better if I have this as the say about this: Bane/The Dark Knight!

    • Rarity:Gold
    • Cost:300,000
    • Stats (Damage/Health): 750/1300 (wait until you see his passive)

    PASSIVE: “Vengeance of Bane” (based on the title of the January 1993 comics “Batman: Vengeance of Bane”) = Everytime Bane is hurt, he becomes stronger, and when he reaches 50% Health, he has 100% more DAMAGE. On the brink of defeat, once per match, Bane is enraged and performs an UNBLOCKABLE uppercut equal to 200% of his Damage stat and can CRIT. When Bane performs “Break the Bat” on any Batman character, Batman has a CHANCE to be crippled which leaves him with 20% Health, 15% Speed Reduction,…

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  • Tommas4444

    Just wondering if anyone else didnt get their rewards for the reverse flash online season I ranked op 3% and didnt get anything. Is there something I could do? Or is it just because the season has only ended for about 5 hours??

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  • Raymund662

    May I ask you guys what was Red_Lantern_Hal_Jordan's previous passive/his passive before they nerfed him? I haven't reached that.

    And I suggest that they rebuff him, that they remove the reduced damage at least on his sp2 (since his sp1 seems to power drain like Lex Luthor or Nightwing), and that that he regenerates the health he lost when he uses a special or supermove for 20 seconds (if not 10 seconds) since he can just tank basic or specials by blocking considering his 1400 base health.

    And also, they remove his "Red Lantern Hal CANNOT be healed." part of his passive...but when he receives a heal through gear (be it on specials or combo ender) or passive of other characters (specifically BNMM and DOJWW), it will be cut down to 1/2 or 1/3 …

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  • Raymund662


    April 20, 2018 by Raymund662

    I just recently played Online Battle (Epic Battle) using my powerful “Killer-Healer” Team (you can visit my page User:Raymund662#The_.22Killer-Healer.22_Team )....then on the last battle, the team is an ungeared Killing Joke Joker(Lvl59), Godfall Supes(Lvl 52), and Ares(Lvl 60) - ALL ELITE X. Since the Joker is on the team, I must be careful not knocking him out, but nowhere near to almost zero health, that’s what I thought (and did)...

    But the thing is, Ares is equipped with his own Blade of War God, Powered Eskrima Sticks, aaaannnnndddd get this, TANTU TOTEM - ALL MAXED! Oh no....even without knocking out the Joker, this was how I was defeated:

    Battled Joker and Superman = Ares Reaching 1 Power Bar = Ares Tags In = Reaches 2 BARS OF POWER …

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  • Qedsa40

    My NCIs

    March 25, 2018 by Qedsa40

    My NCIs at Injustice mobile forums:

    1. Animated Lobo
    2. Arkham Knight Nightwing
    3. Arkham Knight Poison Ivy
    4. Blackest Night Deathstorm
    5. Blackest Night Green Arrow
    6. Blackest Night Sinestro
    7. Blackest Night Solomon Grundy
    8. Dawn of Justice Doomsday
    9. Flashpoint Cyborg
    10. Flashpoint Martian Manhunter
    11. Flashpoint Shazam
    12. Gaslight Jim Gordon
    13. Green Lantern Lobo
    14. Injustice 2 Atrocitus
    15. Injustice 2 Bane
    16. Injustice 2 Batman
    17. Injustice 2 Black Adam
    18. Injustice 2 Black Lightning
    19. Injustice 2 Blue Beetle
    20. Injustice 2 Catwoman
    21. Injustice 2 Deadshot
    22. Injustice 2 Doctor Fate
    23. Injustice 2 Enchantress
    24. Injustice 2 Gorilla Grodd
    25. Injustice 2 Green Arrow
    26. Injustice 2 Grid
    27. Injustice 2 Hellboy
    28. Injustice 2 Nightwing
    29. Injustice 2 Poison Ivy
    30. Injustice 2 Raiden
    31. Injustice 2 Red Hood
    32. Injustice 2 Reverse Flash
    33. Injustice 2 Robin
    34. Injustice…
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  • Starfighterace93

    As the title implies, this post is about defense. What is your best defense team? What other strong defense teams have you encountered? If victorious in the encounter, what allowed you to come out on top? 

    If there are other defensive related topics you'd like to share, by all means, please share.

    I'll start...

    My "Stack Dat DoT" team has delivered the most on defense for me. It consists of the following:

    • Slot 1: Aquaman/Injustice 2 , EII Lvl 50: Heart of Darkness , Astro-Harness , and The Ibistick
    • Slot 2: Aquaman/Flashpoint , EII Lvl 50: LexCorp Chest Armor V2 , Mutated Bone Spikes , and Ra's Al Ghul's Scimitar
    • Slot 3: Deathstroke/Flashpoint , EII Lvl 50: Gauntlets of Azrael , Soultaker Sword , and Overpowered 5-U-93-R

    On multiple occassions, I …

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  • Nightwing05

    New Leadership

    February 17, 2018 by Nightwing05

    Hey guys. So as you may know, all admins and bureaucrats on this wiki are currently inactive. And due to this there has been a lot of vandalism and attempts to destroy the wiki by vandals. It is very hard to fix this. We also need to protect pages from vandalism, as well as keep the home page up to date among many other things. If it is okay with all of you (active community members) I would like to adopt this wiki alongside Qedsa40. We would lead it together as admins and bureaucrats. Please use the poll to let fandom staff and us know if you would like to go through with this change in management on the wiki. Also feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments if there is something you would like to say.

    Update: Hey guys. Thanks for usi…

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  • I Want To Be A Chicken Nugget

    what kind of hackers have you encountered in the online mode of this game (excluding pure credit hacks)

    i've fought this guy called Andy25 

    their wonder woman/regime all the time with 0% crit chance and no gear at all

    didnt get to see the other two characters though (superman/regime and MK/S died too fast & i was blocking)

    the team still didn't do much, was the weakest team i've fought so far

    sadly im unable to load photo proof onto my PC (yet, airdrop is broken af)  :P

    what other hacks have you encountered? 

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  • Ldoe122

    Highest damage hit

    December 17, 2017 by Ldoe122

    Just kinda interested in teh highest possible damage hit in the game. ( including specials and basic attacks)

    The hits can include crit and gear boosts.

    Mine was jessica cruz's basic combo with did a little over 60k damage.

    Im pretty sure that flashpoint batman holds the record for basic damage hits and would really like to see a picture of one of his famous 45k damage hits.

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  • Starfighterace93

    The title speaks for itself. Comment, give feedback, reply with your own ideas...let's have some fun!

    Here are three to start it off...

    1. The Arkham Knight/Red Hood Arkham Knight 

    §  Passive: Bury the Hatchet – The Arkham Knight and Batman receive a 15% damage and health increase for every Batman teammate. While Batman is in combat, The Arkham Knight provides sniper coverage every 10 seconds with chance to stun the opponent. All Arkham teammates receive unblockable chance on SP1.

    §  Stats: 1250/1250

    §  Basic attacks: Same as The Arkham Knight/Arkham Knight

    §  SP1: Tortured Soul

    §  SP2: Combined Firepower – Jason softens his target with his dual pistols before combining them into a high-powered rifle for a final devastating kill shot

    §  Super Move: Lost…

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  • Onewitherr

    If you are just starting out you should be check out the Beginner's guide.

    1. For farming battle points in multiplayer always do the daily challenges and use a skip if one is imposible for you. They come with ~3k credits each too, so that's nice.

    2.  I suggest you put together a good bronze team: Nightwing/Prime, The Flash/Prime, and Lex Luthor/Prime are pretty sweet together. Once you've leveled and promoted these guys you should be able to make about 2,600 per battle. If you succed in a epic (5) battle you will earn (average battle rank per battle) x2 and you won't need to use any spare energy. For example if you fight 4 battles that earn 2,400 and one battle that earns you 2,600 you would earn a bonus 4,880 = {[2,400+2,400+2,400+2,400+2,6…

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  • Pheenix23

    Character Packs! :D

    November 23, 2017 by Pheenix23

    Hey everyone, I would like to get your opinion on something related to character packs.

    As we all know, there are some great packs (like the Arkham Pack) and some terrible packs (like the Gotham Pack).

    I would like to get your opinion on what you think of the current state of packs are as of this moment (11/22/2017). Do you think that they are underwhelming? Would you fair better with the standard boost packs? What packs do you think are great? What do you think of their pricing and the characters that you can get from them? I would love to know what you have to say!

    I would also like to know, if you had the ability to create your own Character Pack, what/who would you choose?

    You can give your pack a name, description, price, characters, etc. …

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  • Qedsa40

    So, I want to edit the Images page, the one that has ALL the images. Because I think we have way too many, plus it seems like Mvdgo is willing to screenshot like every challenge and online battle that comes (well, not really). So I wanna get rid of old images that we really don't need. Plus, there might be a teensy weensy small chance of a server overload. Question is how do I do that? Unless only the Admin can do it, then it's already answered.

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  • Nightwing05

    Guys the Arkham Pack is back in the store for a limited time.

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  • LordViscerus
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  • KhalArkham

    My team

    October 2, 2017 by KhalArkham

    For my team I have

    1.  Arkham Knight Batman Elite X Level 56 (Cloak of Destiny, Batsuit and Blade of the War God)
    2. Flashpoint Batman Elite X Level 50 (Promethium Longsword, Netherealm Kama and Powered Eskrima Sticks)
    3. Arkham Origins Batman Elite X Level 56 (Lexcorp Chest Armour, Lexcorp Helmet Armour and Mutated Bone Spikes

    AKB's insane special 2 takes out the first character if its not blocked. If it is, AKB will take him out with minimal health lost. FPB comes in and does upwards of 45,000 damage per hit because of his passive. This will take out both in under a minute. If anything goes wrong, you have AOB to swoop in and use his third.

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  • Qedsa40

    So i wanted to create custom injustice 2 character cards for injustice 1 but can't find a working dowloadable template. Could you help?

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  • Moses.aviles

    Raven/prime is broken

    August 15, 2017 by Moses.aviles

    raven prime is so broken. with her you dont need any skill to even beat someone. you can literally go afk for like 20 seconds then her demonic embrace will activate and its an easy kill. netherrealm needs to make her balanced asap because she just ruins the game completely. maybe they can make it where after she uses special 2 the healths switch??? idk but all i know is that she needs a nerf and she needs it quick

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  • GeneralLeumas42

    Today i tried to beat the boss battle 7, with elit 3 level 50 Flashpoint/Batman, Deadshot and Harley Quinn/ Sucide Squad. I beat all the levels up to AO batman. His Winged Avenger KOed batman and deadshot and harley where inihilated. So... RIP. I will try agian soon, In other news im in the top 5% in the metahuman flash online season (which is good for me), for the time being, and i got the lex corp chestplate in survivor mode yesterday hich i applied to batman. Flashpoint/Batman now has Gauntlets of Azrael, Pwer Gloves, (evolved) and Lexcorp chestplate (+1).

    Might blog soon


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  • Grummen

    List of the characters that I want in Injustice Mobile or it's sequel.

    • Flashpoint Aquaman: This would be an awesome completion for the Flashpoint team. He is incredibly savage in this incarnation.
    • Parasite: This guy would be so awesome! Maybe he starts off with very weak stats (300/1200 or something like that) but over the course of a battle he gains damage the more he uses his attacks, and every attack either steals health, power, or damage. Or all three.
    • CW Supergirl: We have Arrow, Flash, and we need Supergirl.
    • Spawn: No explanation needed.
    • 1989 Batman: We have Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman. We need Michael Keaton's Batman. Christian Bale's Batman would be a cool addition as well. 
    • Tom Hardy's Bane. What a bad-ass.
    • Adam West Batman: This would …
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  • Batstroke21

    There have been multiple accounts that there has been a recent change in the contents of packs, specifically the Gold Booster Pack and the Challenge Booster Pack. If one of these two packs drops a character that is not mentioned on that pack's Wiki page, please post the name of the pack and the character that it dropped on this blog.

    Thank You, -Batstroke21

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  • Batstroke21

    Shout-out to Tr143

    March 31, 2017 by Batstroke21

    Tr143, Thank you for all you have done for this Wiki over the past few years. You have helped more than anyone to make this Wiki as accurate and as user-friendly as possible. With your leaving the Injustice Mobile Wiki will have lost perhaps its greatest asset.

    Thank You, -Batstroke21

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  • Razza.7

    Thoughts ?

    March 26, 2017 by Razza.7

    Hey guys, I only wanted to know your opinion on my current team.

    Godfall Superman, VII 50

    Batman Insurgency, VII 50

    Jon Steward VII 50


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  • Thecoolasiangirl

    What characters do you guys think is the best in terms of looks? Like with overall appearance and special moves. I like Blackest Night Doomsday. That dolphin dive at the end of his special 2 is too great.

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  • Site mechanic


    December 30, 2016 by Site mechanic

    If you have some game problems Post it here. I have faced many of them.maybe I can help you.

    Crashes, Dark screens etc.

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    Overused Characters

    December 23, 2016 by ROOSHEEYUH

    This is to talk about 4 characters that I think are over represented in the game.

    • Aquaman
    • Batman
    • Deathstroke
    • Scorpion


    Aquaman is one of the strangest characters in the game. I can't tell if he is supposed to be a major character like Superman and Batman or a minor character like Ares and Shazam. I think that adding Injustice 2 Aquaman was an interesting development because it pointed toward him being a popular character, but I honestly think that only one Aquaman would have been best.


    I love Batman, and he has a wide variety of powerful cards that are very useful, but I think that you need to draw the line when you start duplicating characters. Arkham Night Batman is literally just a newer and better version of Arkham Origins Batm…

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