Red Son Batman
Rarity Base Stats Price Unlock
Gold 900/1000 201,000 Challenge Mode, Red Son PackEternal Enemies Batman v. Joker Pack
Passive Red Son Cunning: All Red Son teammates gain Chance for UNBLOCKABLE on SPECIAL 1 attacks.

Red Son Batman can be unlocked through his Challenge Mode. Otherwise, he can be randomly obtained from the Red Son Pack. However, obtaining him from a pack will not unlock him for direct promotions.


Basic combo Damage pattern (% of damage stat) Total (including Combo Ender)
Light (Combo Ender) 2% - 2% - 2% - (3%) 9%
Heavy 4% - 4% - 4% 12%
Red Son Batman adds explosive damage and skill with his passive. Red Son teammates can do unblockable damage with their SP1's. This is especially good news for Solomon Grundy/Red Son, Deathstroke/Red Son, and Green Lantern/Red Son as they have slow starting, easy-to-block SP1's. 

Red Son Batman is one of the lesser used Red Son characters especially in offense. The unblockable chance on SP1 is much more valuable to the AI as most players tend to use his SP2, which does 50% more damage per power bar and there are manual tricks to get around block already.

However, with the introduction of stun-based characters (Hawkgirl/Earth 2 and The Flash/Earth 2) and characters with devastating SP2's (Batman/Batman Ninja for instance), Batman proves to be a worthy teammate to stand alongside them since he can become a source of unblockable stun (Static/Prime's "Taser Trap" guarantees a stun only if it lands unblocked). This type of support can be further amplified if one of his teammates is equipped with the Cloak of Destiny

IMG 1511-1-

Batman's passive has percent chance for an UNBLOCKABLE 1st special for all Red son characters.

He occupies a niche among Batman characters; he is not top tier but not unheard of either. He is more notorious in defense: unblockable chance for his special one is critical, as it is one of the very few sources of unblockable stun, although Luchador Bane has since overshadowed him in this regard. Still, Red Son Batman is known for being a mid-level nuisance to fight against; he is sometimes coupled with Red Son Green Lantern, as well as Red Son Solomon Grundy (defensive) or Wonder Woman (offensive) to form rather annoying teams.

Interactions Edit

Please note that battles are highly situational: this section only mentions cards that have mechanics that, for any reason, are particularly effective with/against, or particularly ineffective against Batman. Having a card that "counters" Batman does not mean it is always a good choice.

Good With Edit

  • Other Red Son Characters.
  • Characters and gear that benefit from stuns, including but not limited to Batman/Insurgency, Hawkgirl/Earth 2, The Flash/Earth 2, etc.: Taking more of a support role, Batman's high chance for unblockable stun makes it especially easier for the stated characters to use their passives.
    • Cloak of Destiny wielding teammates: Batman's chance to stun is higher than the Cloak's chance to stun on tag in, making it easier for the wielder of the Cloak to take advantage of the Cloak's other two effects.
    • Batman/Batman Ninja: Since players commonly gear Ninja Batman with the Cloak of Destiny, Red Son Batman's high chance of unblockable stun makes it easier to set opponents for Ninja Batman, allowing Ninja Batman to deal extraordinary amounts of damage with his "Way of the Blade" SP2. 

Good Against Edit

  • Characters and Gear with health threshold passives and abilities (NOTE: These are especially situational and depends on Batman's teammates and gear loadouts)
    • Raven/Prime: Batman can set a low damage stun, making it easier for teammates with one-shot nukes or heavy damage last hits (Batman/Arkham Knight , Batman/Batman Ninja, etc.) to KO Raven without activating her annoyingly, deadly passive.
    • Green Lantern/John Stewart: Same as above as it avoids the Emergency Barrier John provides to himself and his teammates.
    • Astro-Harness: Same as above as it avoids the invulnerability and the power shield provided by the harness.

Countered By Edit

  • Superman/Blackest Night: The immunity to unblockable attacks render Batman's passive useless.
  • Green Lantern/Red Son and Batman/Beyond: Unblockable stun means nothing to Batman and Green Lantern as they both have stun immunity, with the latter sharing it with other Red Son teammates.
  • Black Adam/Prime & Black Adam/Regime: With their shields up, Batman would damage himself if he uses his specials against them. This is particularly more danger against Black Adam/Regime as Batman would receive double damage back from his SP1 (especially if it lands unblocked or breaks block).


Here are Batman's abilities.

Ability Classification Description Usage
Explosive Batarang First Special Batman uses twin batarangs to strike his opponent down. CHANCE TO STUN. Target
Stay Down Second Special A flurry of crushing blows keeps Batman's enemies down. Rapid Swipe (x2)
The Dark Knight Super Move Batman uses everything at his disposal to decimate his opponent. UNBLOCKABLE. Tap

Support Cards and GearEdit

Here are Batman's support cards and gear.

Card Classification Description Cost
Alfred Health 10% HEALTH BOOST. 9,000
Oracle Damage 10% DAMAGE BOOST. 12,000
Batcave Energy 10% ENERGY REGENERATION. 15,000
Bulletproof Batsuit (Silicon Carbide Batsuit) Gear

12% - 22% MAX HEALTH increase

[Batman] CRIT BOOST: 30% - 50% more damage on CRIT attacks

[Evolved]: Disable enemy's special: 15% - 25% chance on Special 1

25,000 - 1,000,000 (upgrading)
The Batmobile (Militarized Batmobile) Gear

15% - 25% MAX HEALTH increase

[Batman] 10% - 20% Super Move Damage Increase

[EVOLVED] [Batman] 100% AREA EFFECT: opponent's team takes 20% - 25% damage from your Supermove

[EVOLVED] [Batman] 100% 3 - 5 seconds invulnerability after your Supermove is activated

25,000 - 1,000,000 (upgrading)
Batman's Hooded Cloak (Batman's Cowl) Gear

8% - 18% MAX HEALTH increase

[Batman] 20% - 40% Stun chance on Tag-in

[Evolved] DISABLE enemy Specials: 20% - 40% on Special 2

25,000 - 1,000,000 (upgrading)
Sengoku Helmet (Batman Ninja Helmet) Gear

20% - 40% MAX HEALTH increase

For every 5% of available POWER, damage received is reduced by 1% - 2.3%.

[Batman] For every 10% of available POWER, CRIT chance is increased by 1% - 3%.

[EVOLVED] 25% - 50% chance to resist POWER DRAIN

25,000 - 1,000,000 (upgrading)


These stats are the final damage and health levels at level 50, per Elite rank, with ALL support cards, and without any augmentations. With the 2.13 update, Elite 8, 9, and 10 have been added. The Elite 10 damage and health levels are for level 60 characters.

Tier Damage Health
Normal 7,047 14,580
Elite I 10.571 21,870
Elite II 14,094 29,160
Elite III 21,141 43,740
Elite IV 24,665 52,488
Elite V 28,188 58,320
Elite VI 31,711 65,610
Elite VII 35,235 72,900
Elite VIII 38,759 80,190
Elite IX 42,282 87,480
Elite X ?? 112,320


  • He shares the same name of his SP2 with Superman/Injustice 2.
  • He shares the same stats with Wonder Woman/Red Son.
  • He's the only version of Batman to be wearing light-colored clothing/armor!
  • On his character sprite, his pistol holster is on the right side of his belt but in the game, the holster is on the left instead.