Basic-Special combos are sequences of attacks composed of a light or heavy basic attack combo that allows you to follow up with a Special Attack that cannot be blocked, when most of the cases this will cause the special to miss. This does not include the passives of Green Arrow/Arrow or Martian Manhunter, and should not be confused with Unblockable attacks (those will break and negate blocks, while opponents are unable to block at all against these).

At one point, a hidden update made it impossible to use specials at all while your opponent is knocked down. After much player complaint, it appears that some of them have been reinstated.

The effectiveness this brings to Wonder Woman/Red Son and Superman/Red Son contributed to their popularity. Red Son Superman was the only character known who can make both of his specials unblockable this way, until later joined by various Batmen (Batman/Dawn of Justice, Batman/Flashpoint, Batman/Arkham Knight , and Batman/Gaslight).

Usually, specials that can be used this way have fairly fast starting animations and the character's heavy combo does not knock down/back the opponent too far.

It seems that all of the characters’ Specials cannot be chained at all while your opponent is knocked down by light basic attacks. However, in the recent updates of the game, it’s a special case with Deadshot/Arkham Origins who is the ONLY character in the game who can chain a Special from BOTH of his basic attacks, which is is his SP1, “Target Acquired”. However this cannot be done by Deadshot/Suicide Squad.

Previously, it is possible to chain Superman/Red Son's special 2, Static's special 1, Doomsday/Prime's special 2, Sinestro's special 1 and Batgirl/Cassandra Cain's special 1 into their light basic attack combos (Batgirl, Doomsday, and Superman can still chain their SP1s into their heavy attacks).

**NOTE: As of Patch 2.21, ALL versions of Batman (except Batman/Arkham Knight) have a heavy basic combo that knocks back the opponent, not just staggering them back. From this, these versions of Batman stated in this article CANNOT chain their heavy combo anymore into their Specials - except Batman/Arkham Origins, Batman/Arkham Knight and Batman/Gaslight (although for all of the mentioned Batmen there are conditions that must be met).

Static has a special 1, and Hawkgirl/Blackest Night, Raven/Rebirth and Darkseid/Apokolips have special 2s that can be comboed immediately after tapping light attack three times - without using the Combo ender.