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Augments (also known as Augment Cards[1], Augmentation Cards[2] or Augmentations[3]) are permanent upgrades to a character's base stats that can be obtained through Survivor Mode. They can then be applied in the S.T.A.R. Labs interface accessible in the top right corner of the Collection interface or by tapping "Augment" on a character card's interface.

The five stats that can be augmented are Health, Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Character XP. Augments can range from Minor, Medium, or Major grade; they will add a larger amount to a character's base stats when given a greater grade. The given amount of stats any character increase will gain from health or damage augments at any time, and is determined by their quality, level, and promotions, but, as it is their base stats being modified, it does not matter just when a character is augmented: the effect will be the same when the character is leveled or promoted. Crit damage and crit chance augments work similarly, although there is nothing intrinsic about using a character that modifies these base amounts.

Health and damage augments can increase a character's base stats by up to 300 total. If they are Maxed in level and promotion, it can go up to ~20K. The base critical chance can be augmented to 50%, while crit damage can be augmented a further 100% up to as much as 250%. It is possible for an augment to be partially wasted, as they can still be added if the gap between current value and the cap is smaller than the augment's value.

Augments take an extremely long time to max; expect to spend at least hundreds of Last Laugh tickets to max Health and Damage on a single character. While Crit Chance and Damage augments seem to be rarer, it takes less of them to max so overall it is slightly easier to max those. It may take months of pure game time to fully augment all characters. Regardless, this is the amount of how many cards are need to fully max out a character:

Health/Damage: 38 Major, or 75 Medium or 150 Minor Augment Cards

Crit Chance: 10 Major, or 17 Medium or 50 Minor Augment Cards

Crit Damage: 13 Major, or 25 Medium or 50 Minor Augment Cards

Amounts of Augment per card


  • Major Augment: +10,000 XP
  • Medium Augment: +5,000 XP
  • Minor Augment: +2,500 XP


  • Major Augment: +8 base damage
  • Medium Augment: +4 base damage
  • Minor Augment: +2 base damage


  • Major Augment: +8 base health
  • Medium Augment: +4 base health
  • Minor Augment: +2 base health

Crit Damage

  • Major Augment: +8% base crit damage
  • Medium Augment: +4% base crit damage
  • Minor Augment: +2% base crit damage

Crit Chance

  • Major Augment: +5% base crit chance
  • Medium Augment: +3% base crit chance
  • Minor Augment: +1% base crit chance


Below is the comparison stats gained from maxed damage and health augments (+300 to base each) between each card rarity (at highest level and promotion). Gold characters prove to be the most effective users of damage and health augments due to their high stats increases from promotion.

Augment Bronze Silver Gold Metal
Max damage bonus from augment 5,670 9,450 12,285 6,211.8
Max health bonus from augment 11,520 19,200 24,960 11,566.8

Online Battle

Health and damage augments do not take effect on characters on the Defense's team in Online Battle. This applies to characters on teams found in matchmaker and teams you challenge in revenge, and also applies to your team when it is found or challenged. However, characters will still have modified base crit chance and crit damage if they are so augmented.



  1. The card's own interface
  2. On the Survivor wheel.
  3. In the S.T.A.R. Labs interface.
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