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Arkham may refer to any of the following, as these characters are based off of parallel portrayals in the popular Batman: Arkham video game series. As of now, these are:


  1. Bane/Arkham Origins
  2. Batgirl/Arkham Knight
  3. Batman/Arkham Knight
  4. Batman/Arkham Origins
  5. Catwoman/Arkham Knight
  6. Deadshot/Arkham Origins
  7. Deathstroke/Arkham Origins
  8. Harley Quinn/Arkham
  9. Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight
  10. Killer Croc/Arkham
  11. The Arkham Knight/Arkham Knight
  12. The Joker/Arkham Origins


All are challenge characters except for Batman/Arkham Origins, Batman/Arkham Knight, Deadshot/Arkham Origins, and Harley Quinn/Arkham; all are available in the Arkham Pack except for the latest Arkham additions, Batgirl/Arkham Knight, Deadshot/Arkham Origins and Killer Croc/Arkham. (The Arkham Asylum Pack is likely phased out at this point in time, as it only contained Arkham Origins characters.)

Harley Quinn/Arkham, and Bane/Arkham Origins have passives that support other Arkham characters, and The Joker/Arkham Origins has a passive that counts Arkham teammates. These gave rise to "Arkham teams", which were quite strong in their heyday.


  • Rocksteady Studios developed each game in the series except for Batman: Arkham Origins, which was developed by WB Games Montréal.
    • Batman: Arkham Origins was the only of these games to feature multiplayer of any sort.
  • The three Arkham Knight characters introduced in the 2.6 update were formerly not boosted by the passives of Harley Quinn/Arkham and Bane/Arkham Origins, nor were they counted for the passive of The Joker/Arkham Origins. This was changed in the 2.8 update.
    • The 2.9 update introduced Catwoman/Arkham Knight, however, who has a passive that refers to "each Arkham Knight character on her team". This effectively made the Arkham Knight characters a proper subset of the Arkham characters anew.