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AresIcon.png Ares is a character in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile. Ares Prime is one of the few seasonal rewards from Online Battles, while Regime Ares' incomplete form has been found in the game files for a long time but has not been released yet. Ares/The Merciless Metal is available from Phantom Zone. There is a "boss" version of Ares in Breakthrough which is visually distinct and is not a playable character.

For Ares' full console character biography, click here.


General Trivia

  • Ares is the Greek god of war. The DC Comics character thrives on bloodshed, war and conflicts between human; and he's the implacable enemy of Wonder Woman, the Amazonian peacemaker.
    • In this game, in the world of Superman's One Earth Regime, he is starved and weakened as a result of Superman's forceful quelling of most conflict. Ironically, he is listed as a Regime character in the console version.
  • Ares is currently the latest character released to have a unique 1-hit special 2 (technically Harley Quinn/Arkham Knight has it too but it is shared by all versions of Harley Quinn).
  • Ares was the character with the highest base damage in the game, surpassing Bane/Luchador, later tied with Scorpion/Mortal Kombat X, until he was surpassed by Lobo/Bounty Hunter and later on, other characters as well.

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